Excerpt From How to Disappear From Big Brother

Chapter – STOP!

Do not permit your internet connection to become your accomplice. One of the most serious mistakes disappear hopefuls commit when the idea of disappearing sparks in the mind is not stopping what they are doing and walking away from their computer.

Cash Does Not Make You Anonymous!

Your internet connection is a rat and the worst partner in crime you could ever solicit. In the real world, some partners in crime are stand up guys and can take a pinch.Once you entrust your internet connection with pieces of your disappear plan there is no turning back. Again, understand that your internet connection is the biggest rat in the world and will always dime you out! Your internet connection will never invoke the right to remain silent.What happens is your internet history enters the digital witness protection program and waits to testify against you. There is no hit man capable of killing your internet history.

The message of this chapter is to learn from stupid criminals. Stupid criminals leave traces and do not think beyond the crime. Stupid criminals usually believe they are the smartest one in the crime. The mindset and strategy to embrace is that the predator or BIG BROTHER is the smartest one in the room. By thinking this way, you will never under estimate their abilities.

STOP means stop! Stop all of your surfing and searching from your computers. You are probably thinking or hoping that I am going to lead you to an untraceable solution. Well, you are wrong. Searching for the untraceable is a fool’s journey, it is the Holy Grail and Noah’s Ark and neither exist. For every software that touts untraceable, some geek is breaking the code. All those privacy software services and anonymous connections you signed up for are useless.

This is not to say that some badass hacker from Anonymous cannot create an untraceable connection. What I am saying is the average person reading this book does not have the technical skills to create their own untraceable connection. Nor could most test privacy software and determine if it truly is private. Using software that makes claims is only placing blind faith in a label. Unless you are a techie keep to what you know.

For the moment, forget about where you are going to locate an untraceable computer and connection. It is time to clean up the digital trace you left behind. Meaning the digital dirt you created in the early stages of your disappear searching. That would be the curious photos of Bimini, airfare to Jamaica, year round weather in Buenos Aires, and banks in Finland and relationship sites in Riga. Trust me ninety-nine percent of you reading this book have digital flakes in the wake. I would wager that at least fifty percent of readers have typed how to disappear into a search engine on a traceable computer or connection.

In six months from now when one of you has faked their death law enforcement or an insurance investigator will obtain a history of IP addresses searched. Law Enforcement might be able to obtain the search terms entered into a search engine. When they discover the words how to disappear in your list the jig will be up and you will be in the hunt.

The information you searched about disappearing cannot be erased or undone. If you planned on faking your death, sorry dude but you are cooked. If you planned on disappearing from a predator there is hope. You will need to get back on each of the traceable and identifiable computers and connections you utilized and create damage control.Keep in mind there are two type of footprints created. One is the computer you used and the second is the internet connection you used.Make a list of computers used and the locations where you accessed the internet. For example if you have a personal laptop you use at home and work, that is three connection.

Personal Laptop
Home Connection
Work Connection

If you used your personal laptop at the coffee shop on the corner and your sister’s home those places need to be added to your connection.

Personal Laptop
Home Connection
Work Connection
Coffee Shop Connection
Sister’s Connection

The same goes if you went to your Aunt Agnes’s for Thanksgiving and you searched for apartments in Caye Caulker on your smart phone. The important question is did you conduct the search via your cell phone wireless or did you jump on Aunt Agnes’s wireless connection?

It is vital you remember three key pieces. Hardware used, like phone or laptop. Connections used, home, work, cell phone and last but far from the least what destinations you searched. You certainly do not want to end up in any of those places.Think about the various services like banks, cell carriers, web hosting and anything else that could lead to your downfall. Could you imagine if you disappeared to Fiji and six months later BIG BROTHER or your predator gets hold of your internet search history?

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