How to Disappear by Frank M. Ahearn

The information you leave behind…

All of us have an online and offline past. Most who disappear do not combat the information they are leaving behind and that information usually leads to them being located. Besides internet history, there are phone records, bank records, credit card transactions, travel history, medical history and the list goes on.

Earning a living…

The first question I ask when a potential client contacts me is, how they will earn a living. You cannot be a barrister in London, disappear to Manchester, and be a barrister. Obviously, the license would lead to discovery.  Your income must be untraceable. That does not mean you should evade taxes.


It is important to figure out how you will liquidate your  assets, such as home, car or boat. Once this is accomplished, you need to transfer your liquid assets and have access without creating a digital foot print. When hunting a subject down searching for their means of income is a direction aggressively pursued.

Where to disappear to…

Where you plan to disappear to, should be a location that is affordable and provides you with the necessities you need in life. I suggest not being committed to that first location, take an extended vacation and see how you acclimate.


Before you decide on the location, you plan to disappear to, think about your absolute necessities. Medical should be top of the list, do you have a rare disorder that can only be treated at select locations? Prescribed medicine, is it available in the new city?

A story to tell…

When you are living at your new patch of land, you must have a story to tell. You will get to know the butcher, the baker and the vodka and orange juice maker. What will you tell them? Surely you cannot say you disappeared from your past life.

Know your city…

It is important to know your new city! Knowing how the transit system works is vital. Can you get to the airport by public transportation, is there an express train out of town. Where is the nearest ATM. It is imperative to learn these things in case your location is compromised.

A Go Bag…

Anyone who disappears should have at least two Go Bags stashed away. A Go Bag consists of prepaid debit cards, prepaid cell phones, maps, hotel locations and currency. I suggest using a 24-hour mail drop to hide your bag. If you are in a suburban area, consider burying in a park.

Safe City…

If something unexpected arises and you must leave town and cannot access your Go Bag you should have a backup Go Bag in a Safe City. A Safe City is a location you have no traceable connection to and know like the back of your hand.



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