Disappearing Service

What I Do…

Disappear clients have different needs; therefore I can assist with all or select services to meet your needs.

Relocation Service: The magic question in disappearing comes down to two factors, where do you go and how you will earn a living. After we answer these two questions, I evaluate your potential locations, pros and cons, safety and security. With business and employment, I evaluate and determine the safety aspect and create a way for you to derive your income so the predator cannot trace you?

Disinformation Service: I create disinformation, which makes it appear; you have disappeared to London but safely hidden in Berlin. Creating disinformation prior to a disappearance is key, this is accomplished by making calls to a bogus city, contacting a variety of services in a bogus city and utilizing social networking to create fake digital trails. Remember when you are in the hunt, the predator searches for the information you left behind.

Back Story Service: When you disappear to your new city, you cannot disclose the fact you are hiding from a predator or left your old life behind. Therefore, you need a story you can tell to the butcher, the baker and the vodka and orange juice maker. What I do is create a solid digital presence with a full background your new friends and associates can search.

City Survival: Knowing your new city is not only important to your existence but executing a quick escape. Some individuals can land in a new city and easily acclimate and others not so skilled. Knowing how the terrain, like public transportation, where is the closest ATM, quickest way to the airport, shelter to hide in, hotel to hole up in and accessing go bags. To be aware, is to be alive! I teach you how to exist and escape your disappear city if needed.

I define being disappeared as being a virtual entity with no connections to anything physical. This means your home, credit cards, cell phones; internet services communications will not have a connection to your identity or identifiers. To accomplish one must utilize corporations, prepaid cellphone, prepaid debit cards and third party services that create your digital footprints.


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