Excerpt: How to Disappear From Big Brother

Ultimately disappearing is about freedom. Each decision you make should be in the advancement of your freedom. If a decision comes your way and your answer does not walk you in the direction of freedom something is wrong. Freedom should always come first.

Sun Tzu the strategist tells us to know our enemy and know thyself. To be aware is to be alive! The same strategy applies when you disappear from BIG BROTHER or any other threat in your life. You must think like a military strategist and anything less will knock you out of the game. Knowing thyself is more than knowing your online and offline information. Knowing thyself is to know your survival skills and knowing the tracking skills of your enemy. Disappearing is far beyond the idea of going from point A to point B. Disappearing is about being aware of your environment every second of your day.

Every face you pass on the streets in your new world is a threat. The cashier ringing up the milk, the postal worker stuffing mail in your mailbox, the person sitting across from you in a café is all a threat. Every metro station you enter and exit is a threat. Walking the street and turning the corner is a threat. Even entering your home at night is a threat. The danger you dread can come from anywhere anytime. How you react when confronted by the threat will no doubt determine the success of your freedom.

From How to Disappear From BIG BROTHER

A year before writing this book I met up with a retired drug smuggler in Dublin. He burned some people during his incarceration and they wanted to take him out of the game. Law enforcement contacted him and explained that there was a contract put out on his life. They offered him protection with the stipulation that he had information to offer. This was not his cup of tea and he said no.

We met in a hotel lobby in Dublin and at first; I thought he was a journalist pranking me. The smuggler was not your average looking smuggler that is if there is such a thing. He looked more like a bean counter then a man who ran a drug empire. However, after the conversation began to roll it was obvious this was no prank. His life was jeopardy and he needed to disappear.

A funny part of the conversation came about when he asked if there were any books he could read about coping with disappearing. Last I looked Dear Abby had not written a disappear book. Anyway, who cares about coping with disappearing, when you are in the hunt? You disappear and forget about the residual emotional baggage. My suggestion was to read books about criminals who went on the run and see what occurred in their life.

Eventually we made our way from each other and something he said about disappearing from BIG BROTHER played in my mind. I began to think about the disappearing process if the predator were in fact BIG BROTHER. I came to realize there is no secret sauce or decoder ring in the disappearing world. All you have in your arsenal are books written and failed stories from others who have disappeared. To disappear from BIG BROTHER would the ultimate disappearing match.

Disappearing is mostly art with a little science in the mix. Each person is different and I believe that before you disappear you need to develop a code to stand by. How you create, the code is by learning from others who have failed in the disappearing process. This is the closest you will ever come to a secret sauce or decoder ring.

I think it is best to first look at the downfalls of the disappeared. What is the clutch that they released right before their demise? I would say becoming comfortable in their existence and compromising the code they originally lived by. Those that have successfully disappeared seemed to risk it all with one unproven thought, the thought that it is was safe. Believing something is safe is not proving it is safe.

Another downfall that the disappeared commit is they return to the place they left. If one has successfully disappeared, one should stay disappeared! What is the point of putting five, ten or fifteen years of freedom in jeopardy?

Environment can be a red flag, where the disappeared spends, their time is key. Most likely if one hangs out at the local bucket of blood where miscreants and gang bangers do their thing; it is likely the heat will show up. BIG BROTHER will ask for your papers, papers please.

Resources are an important key to disappearing successfully, whether it is money, shelter or a place to disappear to you. You need to have resources or figure out how to obtain resources. You must be cautious when accessing or obtaining resources, they could lead to your discovery.

Only you can be the architect in your disappearing plan. You must create a code that works for you and never become complacent while you are disappeared. You must never folly with the idea that it is safe to return unless it is dire. Looking back can only tempt you to consider a return. It is best to leave the life you left behind in the rear view and never tempt fate.

Frank M. Ahearn


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