How to Disappear in Six Steps

A few tips on how to disappear…

Step 1. Destination is an important part of disappearing. Be realistic, is the disappear city affordable, does the disappear city offer everything you need, medical, internet, cell service, etc. Most important will your new city offer freedom.

Disappearing is about freedom…

Step 2. Did you destroy your refrigerator magnets of Monserrat, trash your calendar of Chile, shred travel brochures to Berlin. Before disappearing question yourself, what information are you leaving behind? Sometimes dreams of a new life can turn into a nightmare if we leave the traces behind.

Clean house, destroy the traces…

Step 3. Money, how will you earn an income to survive? The reason most criminals on the run are apprehended is they must commit crimes to obtain money. This is just stupid! Do not be a stupid criminal learn to earn. Online businesses are best, you can host a website in country A, collect funds in country B and live in Country C.

It is all about the Benjamin’s…

Step 4. You cannot disappear and simply hope your predator does not find you. You must be proactive in your disappearance. This means control your predator and create digital footprints for them to follow. The goal is to walk the predator on a fake trail, which keeps them busy in Lisbon while you are in Zurich. Control your predator.

Deceive, deceive and more deceive…

Step 5. Danger dwells behind all buttons. If you push, enter, send or download you created a digital footprint. Do not put faith in privacy software or sites that hide your IP, if you cannot prove it yourself, it does not work. Use a third party service to create your digital footprints.

Push equals footprint…

Step 6. Become a virtual entity and remove yourself from all connections. We live in a time and place where EVERYTHING is connected and avoiding a trace is near impossible. Utilize third party services to create your footprints. Have a service in Norway check your email and they forward to an email in Hong Kong have another service forward the same email to Mexico and so on. However, somewhere along the line one of those services will contact your prepaid cell phone and read the email to you. The idea is to stretch your connections.

Disappearing is about stretching your connections…

Frank M. Ahearn is author of the New York Times Best Selling book: How to Disappear: Erase Your Digital Footprint, Leave False Trails, And Vanish Without A Trace. How to Disappear From Big Brother & The Digital Hit Man


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