The Art of Deception in Under 300 Words

Have a story to tell. The people you meet in your new disappear city can be a major threat. It is imperative you have a story to tell, a fake background. If you are socializing and someone makes small talk, asking the normal questions in life. Where are you from, what type of work do you do, married and any kids? You cannot button up and say nothing nor can you be a social freak and tell them none of their business.

To create a backstory use pieces of truth. If you worked as an auto mechanic or in a car dealership in the past, use a derivative of cars as a backstory. Tell people you work for a fan belt development company or you sell tires wholesale in Latin American countries.

How to Disappear…

The people you meet will search you out online. It is important to lead them to some fake digital water to quench their curious thirst. Therefore, build a website, make sure the site is private and not in your name. Make the site Make it is a full-blown site with products, history, email addresses, phone numbers. You can use a prepaid cell phone with a generic voice mail or you can use an actual answering service. Never post your name, phone or photo of other people on the website. Utilize social networking and give the company a Facebook page, the owner and a few fake employees Facebook pages, twitter and a few blogs. Give the company a good well rounded presence.

When curiosity comes to light hand over a business card from Franks Fake Tires! The phone number on the card should be a prepaid cell phone. Be smart and do not use your name in the email address. FA@FranksFakeTires will suffice.

Frank M. Ahearn, author of How to Disappear –


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