How to Disappear Tips from How to Disappear from Big Brother

You will find random tips, thoughts and suggestions about HOW TO DISAPPEAR FROM BIG BROTHER. There is no rhyme, reason or any order to the postings. Enjoy and good luck!

MISC… Before you decide on the location, you plan to disappear to, think about your absolute necessities. Medical should be top of the list, do you have a rare disorder that can only be treated at select locations? Prescribed medicine, is it available in the new city?

Think about the basics, can you own property, can you open a business, sign a lease and have multiple currency bank accounts. Remember, the only stupid question is the one not asked.

HAVE A STORY TO TELL… When you are living at your new patch of land, you must have a story to tell. You will get to know the butcher, the baker and the vodka and orange juice maker. What will you tell them? Surely, you cannot say you disappeared from your past life. After you decide on your cover story, utilize social media to back it up.

NEVER FAKE YOUR DEATH… Do not be a rocket scientist and commit pseudocide. Faking your death only brings more predators into the chase. Faking your death by water is the stupidest thing you can do. Learn from others!

COMMUNICATIONS… If you push enter, send or download you have created a trace or digital foot print. Most important you created a connection that leads to you. I suggest using a third party service in a foreign country, which will create the footprint. You can learn more about removing yourself from connections in How to Disappear From Big Brother.


KNOW YOUR CITY… It is important to know your new city! Knowing how the transit system works is vital. Can you get to the airport by public transportation, is there an express train out of town. Where is the nearest ATM? It is imperative to learn these things in case your location is compromised.

HAVE AN EXIT PLAN… When you disappear, always keep in mind that some bad mojo can arrive on your doorstep. Do not get caught in the cold by not having an exit plan from your disappear city. If your predator locates you and you need to get out of Dodge, smart disappearing is being prepared. Prepared means, an exit city already set up.

GO BAG… After you have disappeared, you need to have a few go bags stashed. A Go Bag consists of prepaid debit cards, prepaid cell phones, maps, hotel locations and currency. I suggest using a 24-hour mail drop to hide your bag. If you are in a suburban area, consider burying in a park.

DISAPPEARING IS ABOUT CREATING FREEDOM… I define being disappeared as being a virtual entity with no connections to anything physical. This means your home, credit cards, cell phones; internet services communications will not have a connection to your identity or identifiers. To accomplish one must utilize corporations, prepaid cellphone, prepaid debit cards and third party services that create your digital footprints.

THE PRIVATE INFORMATION YOU LEAVE BEHIND… All of us have an online and offline past, present and future. Most who disappear do not combat the information they are leaving behind and that information usually leads to them being located. Besides internet history, there are phone records, bank records, credit card transactions, travel history, medical history and the list goes on.

Before you plan your disappearing act it is wise to look backwards! I would suggest hiring a private investigator or a professional like myself to conduct an online and offline search.

EARNING MONEY WITH OUT BEING TRACED… The first obstacle you must overcome is how you will earn money. You cannot be a barrister in London, disappear to Manchester, and be a barrister. Your credentials will be your downfall. The same goes with; you cannot be a bus driver in Chicago and be a bus driver in Miami. Your driver’s license will lead to your discovery.

CREATE DISINFORMATION… It is important to keep the predator busy. Therefore, you must create disinformation or digital dirt, as I like to say. The idea is to lead the predator to a city far from you, which keeps you safe in your disappeared city. When you create disinformation, it must be realistic. Do not use Monaco as your disinformation city if it does not fit the profile of your wallet.

COMPLACENCY KILLS… Never take short cuts, never underestimate your predator and never believe anything is one hundred percent private, safe or secure. Never compromise because it is an easier route.

CONNECTIONS KILL… Consider traces and digital footprints as connections. Actions such as, sending emails, meeting new people, making phone calls and traveling to different countries create connections. These actions create a connection to you and your possible location. Before you engage, ask yourself if you are creating connections.

HOW TO CREATE DISINFORMATION… Have a story to tell. The people you meet in your new disappear city can be a major threat. It is imperative you have a story to tell, a fake background. If you are socializing and someone makes small talk, asking the normal questions in life. Where are you from, what type of work do you do, married and any kids? You cannot button up and say nothing nor can you be a social freak and tell them none of their business.

To create a back-story use pieces of truth. If you worked as an auto mechanic or in a car dealership in the past, use a derivative of cars as a back-story. Tell people you work for a fan belt development company or you sell tires wholesale in Latin American countries.

The people you meet will search you out online. It is important to lead them to some fake digital water to quench their curious thirst. Therefore, build a website, make sure the site is private and not in your name. Make the site Make it is a full-blown site with products, history, email addresses, phone numbers.

You can use a prepaid cell phone with a generic voice mail or you can use an actual answering service. Never post your name, phone or photo of other people on the website. Utilize social networking and give the company a Facebook page, the owner and a few fake employees Facebook

Pages, twitter and a few blogs. Give the company a good well-rounded presence.

When curiosity comes to light hand over a business card from Franks Fake Tires! The phone number on the card should be a prepaid cell phone. Be smart and do not use your name in the email address, only initials.

NEW IDENTITIES & FAKE IDENTITIES… If you have not broken the law and do not plan on, breaking the law you do not need a fake identity. If you locate someone who allegedly sells new documents like driver license or passports, how will you verify that the ID numbers are correct? How will you verify that there are not ten other people utilizing the same identity?

If you are a victim of stalker, there are legal remedies for you to change your identifying information. It is best to speak with a lawyer on this matter.

MAIL DROPS… When opening a mail drop do not open in an area close to work or close to home. Go outside your comfort zone. Also do not carry your cell phone to your mail drop your GPS will record the location. Leave your identifiable tools, like cell phone and laptop elsewhere. What would be ideal are two mail drops. Mail Drop A is to stash your identifiable cell phone while you travel to Mail Drop B to utilize your non-connected tools.

Non-connected, does not have your identifiers and nor is an object you personally purchased. This is extremely important in your how to disappear plan.

ASSETS…In the disappearing world, there are three types of assets, Static Title, Movement Title and Third Party Assets. Static Assets are real property that never moves, it only have the ability to transfer. Movement Title can transfer title or move, like cars, boats, airplanes and motor cycles.

Third Party Assets are transferable or liquidated, such as stocks, bonds and currency. They all leave a trace!

WHERE… Finding your new disappear land depends on you, your needs and your ability to acclimate. There is no disappear Promised Land, if there were I would be there now sipping a latte and reading some Zola.

Disappearing is about freedom and only defined by the one seeking. However, there are necessities, like electricity, medical, ability to earn. I suggest taking an extended stay in your ideal land before committing.

CREATE A FAKE DIGITAL IDENTITY… A Fake Digital Identity is a digital identity/persona you assume and utilize when you are planning your disappearance. From a connection and hardware not connected to you, create a generic email address, such as how_to_disappe ar@, big_brother@ and the_digital_hit_man@ but do not use my book titles.


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