The Ultimate How To Disappear – Part 2

I recently wrote a new book, The Ultimate How to Disappear and was not impressed with the results. I decided not to publish, however, I figured I would post sections of the book online. Do note, these pages are UNEDITED but it is the content that is important. Enjoy!

Frank M. Ahearn: http://www.Disappear.Info

About Habits!

Do you drink a certain coffee or tequila brand? Do you go to the racetrack weekly? Do you smoke a specific cigar? Do you only buy Estee Lauder Pure Color or Manolo Blahnik shoes? Ask, ask and ask again.

Personally, I have grown into the habit of only wearing black t-shirts and Ralph Lauren jeans. If I had to disappear those would be the first items to go on my list. Nor would I ever step into a Starbucks or bookstore again.

What Are Your Habit Alternatives: After you have identified your habits and are cured of your wicked ways. The next question to ask is if your alternatives are derivatives of your old habits. Frank M. Ahearn has given up the black t-shirt style and now wears black dress shirts. Frank Ahearn no longer hangs out in Starbucks but spends his time in local cafes.

Perhaps one of your habits of the past was renting old movies online. You think, cool, you will spend your weekends in a movie theater that shows old movies. Maybe you were an avid biker and you plan to join a Meetup group for city walkers. Are future habits are derivatives of your past habits?

Attachments: There was a time in my life where possessions where important. One evening I am wandering my bedroom and I look in my closet and there is a whole row of shirts hanging. I decided to count the shirts and the number came in somewhere about one hundred. Who the hell needs a hundred shirts.

Fear not, I am not going to get preachy here but the shirts got me thinking about possessions and attachments. I was still in the crazy business of stealing information and I realized that if I had to go on the run, I could not take any of this shit with me, let alone one hundred shirts.

The next day I liquidated most of my possessions. I dropped off ninety percent of my clothes at the Salvation Army. I got rid of most of my plates, forks, cups, knives and my other so—called worldly possessions. Pretty much, I was only able to entertain for two. I know a bit extreme but it was what I had to do in order to discipline myself not to need things, or be attached to possessions.

Six Minutes: Presently if you visited my home you would not know if I were moving in or moving out. The minimalist side of me beat out the need for the possession side of me. If I had to disappear immediately all I would need would be six minutes in my apartment and I could walk out the door with everything needed to survive. Think about freeing yourself up from your past by dumping the unimportant material and garbage. What is more important, your velvet Elvis or your freedom?

Trash Geographical Traces: What is sitting around your home that can be considered a geographical lead. Do you have refrigerator magnets from Venice, Italy? Are there travel books about Tampa? Is there a plate on your wall from Amsterdam?

What t-shirts are in your closet, do they depict cities you have visited? What about those stupid snow globes, do you own any? What does your keychain read? Do you have a bumper sticker from Chicago? Are there travel DVD’s on your book shelf? If it is on the wall, refrigerator, shelf or in the closet of your home, it can lead to disappear land. If one of those items happens to become disappear land.

Passport: Is your passport up-to-date? Will it expire soon? How will you obtain your new passport when it expires?

A new law says the State Department can revoke, deny or limit passports for anyone the IRS certifies as having a seriously delinquent tax debt in an amount in excess of $50,000. Imagine that, you are disappeared in Lisbon and you try to renew our passport only to discover you cannot. If you owe the man money you must think about how you will exist if your passport is revoked.

Second Passports… A number or countries offer second passports. The countries and process changes with the weather so it is best you search directly. When you do search for a second passport do not use a service that sells second passports or assists in the function. Do it yourself, be hands on, you are a disappearing warrior and global strategist.

Note: It’s a U.S. federal crime to enter or leave the country on anything other than a valid U.S. passport, even if you have other nationalities.

The passport issue is quite unfortunate. If a family member passes away and you need to return to the states for the funeral, you risk losing your passport. If you have a second citizenship in Italy or Ireland and want to leave the US using your other passport you then become a criminal. Perhaps you will be arrested trying to exit the country. Unpleasant!

The funny thing is, if you want to renounce your American citizenship you must first pay all your back taxes, and a renunciation fee, which is over two grand. How free are we if we can’t just walk away from a country and say goodbye? It is like we must pay the vig to the loan shark in order to be free of them.


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