The Ultimate How To Disappear – Part 3

Note: This is unedited writing from The Ultimate How To Disappear, which I decided to not publish.

Who & Why People Disappear… People typically disappear for one of three or a combination of three reasons and that is money, violence or information. Sometimes I get the person who tells me they want to just disappear for no reason. Yeah, right dude – there is a felony walking your way.

There is as fourth category of want to disappear people and they are individuals who are facing time in the gray bar hotel. I do not include them in my world since I do not do business with these folks. The majority of them end up popped and wearing orange or stripes.

Perhaps it is my fine literary skills that enticed you to read this book or simple curiosity. The truth is ninety-nine percent of you reading this will never disappear. Yet, most of you who no different than most of my clients. They had jobs, careers, families, loved ones and come from a variety of financial and educational backgrounds. The difference being, they woke up one morning and some bad shit happened in their world. Unfortunately, the only way for them to deal with that bad mojo was to pick up and disappear.

Violence… I would say most people who contact me are dealing with a violence issue. It ranges from being a victim of a stalker, abusive spouse, getting involved with the wrong people and anything that puts your physical being in jeopardy.

If you are dealing with a stalking or abuse issue my best advice is to seek help via law enforcement or a support group. I believe it is best to make someone aware that there is a problem. In all likelihood there could be someone out there to help you conquer the threat.

Money… My favorite clients! Money clients have two sides, I came into some cash and need to disappear because people are coming out of the woodwork. Or, I lost it all and have some seed money to start over but can’t let the ex or creditors find me.

Money Yes… I spoke with an individual who took care of his father while the father was ill. When the father passed he left my client everything. The clients brother arrived on the scene and wanted half the inheritance. My client told him to pound salt.

The brother became extremely aggressive and started sending my client gun magazines, rifle scope catalogues and other magazines that depicted violence. The client took this as a real threat and decided it was best to disappear. The motivation to disappear begins with money but ends with the potential of violence.

Money No… I think the quote is, the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Pretty much meaning, shit don’t always work out. I cannot count how many times people have contacted me and simply needed to start over because they lost it all. For them starting over meant going to a location where no one would locate them and the last of their money. Let me tell you something, I have been there and it is no picnic.

Typically, the types of people have some seed money but if they put the money in the bank it will be seized. Who wants to go down on that ship? Sometimes you must look out for number one and do what you got to do. At the end of the day, only you are putting food in your mouth. These people also fall under my freedom of intrusion subcategory. Meaning something larger is pursuing them, be it a government or creditor.

Information… Who would have thought that we actually live in a society where information can destroy a life? Not only that but one has little options to combat the destructive information. There are two type of information clients, I did something really stupid last year and the whole world knows or I did something really stupid twenty years ago and now it has come to light. The problem is you cannot disappear information. You can only disappear yourself from the information.

Frank M. Ahearn




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