The Ultimate How To Disappear – Part 4

Note: This is unedited writing from The Ultimate How To Disappear, which I decided to not publish.

Part 4

In the world of disappearing there is no moral law. One should not be in accord with their government. One should act independently and follow their road to freedom. This does not mean turn into a criminal but means sometimes you got to do what you got do.

Just because it is a law it does not make it right or just. Take prohibition, how many people died because of alcohol poising? Or the weed laws, how many people have spent years in the big house only to have smoke legalized. If you need to bend things a bit in order to not be murdered by a lunatic stalker, then that is what you must do.

Moral is the principle of right and wrong. Right and wrong tend to change depending on the side of the fence you stand.

Freedom… No matter how you slice the disappearing cheese, it always comes down to a search for freedom.

What Is Your Freedom… While you are planning your exit you should think deeply about your freedom. What is your freedom? There are obvious answers, like too avoid stalkers, intrusive governments, creditors, the inside of a jail cell or simply to live as a hermit in the woods. Either way build a construct of your idea of personal freedom.

By creating your own freedom philosophy, you will also create principle guidelines that can keep you safe. If you are avoiding big brother, you are avoiding downtown London or New York’s Times Square. If you are avoiding a stalker who is an airline pilot, you are avoiding airports. What eventually happens is you view all of actions as accountable to your freedom. Then there is a natural reaction of don’t do this, don’t do that. The buzzer goes off in the brain.

Two Buzz Questions… Now is the time to train your brain to always ask the two buzz questions.

1.    If you do it what are the possible outcomes?
2.    If it goes wrong can you get out of Dodge?

Every action or decision you make now must include the buzz questions. This is strategically thinking and not winging your freedom.

Risk… If there is risk in the balance, perhaps you should not partake. What I do not understand about criminals in hiding or people who have disappeared is they take risk that can jeopardize their freedom. They do it out of curiosity, to peek into the past. They do under the influence of alcohol, the carry contraband, they contact people from the past and other actions that can put them at risk.

Separating… Disappearing is about separating yourself from your previous life. As you make your plans, look at everything and ask yourself, are you separated from that thing. In addition, when you make your plans, ask yourself if those plans are separated from your previous life. People who disappeared are discovered either by an eyewitness who recognizes them or something of their past connects them to the place of their future.

Simplicity… Disappearing is going from Point A to Point B and making sure the two worlds never connect.

Health… If you have a particular health issue it would be prudent to take your medical records. Your medical records will identify who you are and many other sensitive pieces of information about you. Choose your doctor carefully.

Meds… One must have their drugs. If you have a particular ailment and need a unique drug, you must determine if that drug is available in your new disappear world. Also, can that drug lead to your capture?

Global SIM… Setting up prepaid mobile phone service in most countries is rather simple. However, most countries require a passport to buy a SIM card. Before you disappear purchase a Global SIM card from one of the many online services.

1.    Go to an un-associated internet connection.
2.    Order SIM card using prepaid debit card.
3.    Ship SIM to a mail drop.
4.    Use a clean mobile phone.

A clean mobile phone is a phone that has no identifiers or ever been used to call, text, email or search anything or anyone connected to you.

Prepaid… Pay as you go and prepaid debit cards do not make you anonymous. Especially if you walked into the store and purchased directly. The camera in the store connected you to that phone or debit card. Pay someone on the street to buy your tools of discretion.

Governor Robert Bentley, who allegedly had a thing with an advisor, purchased a prepaid phone directly from Best Buy. After the scandal hit, the Best Buy employees sang like birds about The Governor and his AT&T flip phones. What a dumbass, he can run as state but can’t figure out how too discreetly buy a phone.

Repeat After Me – Prepaid is not anonymous!

Frank M. Ahearn


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