The Ultimate How To Disappear – Part 5

Note: This is unedited writing from The Ultimate How To Disappear, which I decided to not publish.

Part 5

Trash… Before you disappear destroy devices that have on and off buttons. This means, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, Google watches and anything else that connected to the internet or has information about you. These items need to go and should not be taken with you when you cross a border.

Destroy old phone books, personal diaries, postcards, travel books, pill bottles and anything else you believe can be a threat.

Printers have memory so destroy and trash that mother!

Do NOT put your garbage out on the street. Drop it elsewhere but double check there are no identifiers in the bags.

Shredding… After you shred, flush it! Actually flush twice, New Jersey is a distance.

Always Remember… Pushing Enter, Send or Download creates digital footprints.

Obliterate… You have been a social media fool and posted photos of yourself, professed your love about your ex and wrote a blog about dirt. Now you want to delete everything but you cannot. Sure, you can take down photos and delete the blog posting but that is only online. The companies who host those sites still have your information. Today that information may not be used to locate you but tomorrow the weather may change.

Since your online information cannot “truly” be deleted the plan it to destroy that information by becoming a social media whore. You will want to connect, post, publish and bullshit as much as possible using your online profiles.

Friend people in far off cities and comment on their photos and postings. Ask them questions about their about their city. Make it appear you have a curiosity to move there.

Post photos of the condo you are thinking of buying in Orange Walk, Belize. Write about the difficulties of getting internet service in Cartaxo, Portugal.

Visit online forums and ask questions to expats. How to get a bank account in Venezuela. Ask about taxes, dating, supermarkets and anything else that comes to mind.

When said and done there will be a lot of garbage for your predator to sift through. Who know, perhaps they will make their way to Orange Walk, Belize to hunt you down.

Frank M. Ahearn – http://www.Disappear.Info


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