The Ultimate How To Disappear – Part 6

Enclosed is part of an unedited and unpublished book, The Ultimate How To Disappear.  I recently wrote the book but I am not thrilled with the results. Some of the content is useful and so, I have decided to post.

Misinformation Not Needed… Most services we utilize require an identifier. In my earlier books I talked about creating Misinformation which was the act of deviating account information. Meaning if your mobile phone is in the name of Chris Care, deviating it to Kris Karey. Or if your date of birth is June 19th, changing it to the 23rd.

I do not think it is so important to create Misinformation, I believe Disinformation is more important. It is best to operate with the mindset that all of your past information is known to your predator.

Disinformation Is Needed… If you do not create Disinformation you are doomed. Disinformation is the act of creating bullshit for your predator to follow. Think about Disinformation as the big bullshit button on every website you encounter.

For example, on your Facebook, start LIKING cafes, clothing stores, parks, rivers and other places that can allude to a past visit. Or a future disappearance.

Phone Disinformation… The first piece of information a good skip tracer obtains to locate you is your home or mobile phone records. Phone records are almost blue print to your life, it knows all! What you want to do is make dozens and dozens of bogus calls. Contact realtors in Tucson, schools in London, newspapers in Seattle, hospital in Hong Kong and text random strangers hello. Let your predator sift through and try to figure out what the hell you are doing.

Apps Disinformation… If a predator obtained a list of all the apps on your phone it would be quite telling. It is important to assume that your predator will obtain such access. What you want to do is download various apps to your phone.  Like bank apps, metro apps, city information apps, phone company apps, personals app and other type apps. If your predator, then obtains access to your apps and sees a bus map app for Boston and an app for Boston Savings Bank there will be a natural assumption.

Direction Disinformation… From your various computers and mobile phones search maps and directions to places you will never visit. Look up street names in various cities, look at the actual street on Google Earth.

Search Engine Disinformation… Every day you should create some form of search engine disinformation. There are two types of Disinformation, directional and destructive. Directional Disinformation is, information that leads a predator to a specific place. Destructive Disinformation is like creating a digital Jackson Pollock painting by filling the search engines with many random lines of information that lead nowhere in particular.

Schedule Disinformation… Search bus, train and plane schedules from your city to a city you will never visit.

Rental Disinformation… Search car rental fees in foreign cities.

Chaos… Think of pre-disappearing as an act of chaos and you are the chaos master. Leave no truth behind! The more chaos you create, the more difficult it will be for your predator to decipher what is real and what is not.

Look Back… It is imperative to keep looking backwards prior to your disappearance. What information or piece of information have you left behind that can lead to your future. Did you tell your neighbor you always wanted to visit Rio? Did you watch travel shows about Oslo on Netflix? Looking back and questioning your actions is a nonstop process.

Milk Carton… If you are a victim of a stalker you must let someone in your circle know that you are disappearing. If you do not, you could be the new face on a milk carton or that nights news. If you are safely tucked away in in OKC, your life is now blown.

One of my clients woke up one morning and had it with her life, she felt trapped and like a prisoner. She walked out the door, hopped on a plane and found herself partying bigtime in Europe. The client was concerned that her husband would hire a private detective to find her. She did not want to be found. My job was to create disinformation and lead the husband and investigators to a different country.

When I searched my client’s information online I discovered she had a fourteen-year-old son. I was thinking this was some vacant shit splitting on your kid but who knows what goes on between the walls of other people.

My concern was the child would talk with other kids about her mother’s mysterious disappearance. Perhaps those kids would speak with their parents and someone might suspect foul play. The next thing you know all assume my client’s ex put my client in a wood chipper. Then my client becomes the hot story in the worldwide news. Being in the news in not a good thing while you are disappeared.

When I confronted my client she claimed her daughter knew the situation and it as cool. Perhaps, who knows. I explained that we needed to bring someone into the fold who would be able to vouch for my safety if law enforcement became involved. She was dead set against this idea.

I laid it out to her that if she is reported missing, law enforcement will discover she used her passport to leave her country. Then an alert would be put out and the minute she crossed another border she would be detained. She saw the logic in this dilemma and contacted her father and brought him into the fold.

In your pre-disappear stage think about how your disappearance will affect those you leave behind. Not so much the emotional aspect but will Joe Blow you friend of twenty years become an internet sleuth and try to hunt you down? Will someone build a website about you? Where’s Waldo?


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