The Ultimate How To Disappear – Part 10

Recently, I finished a new book, The Ultimate How to Disappear but it did not work for me. I decided to trash the book, however, I posted some of the content. Please note, the postings are unedited.

Part – 10

You are fighting a well-established predator that appears invisible. Never underestimate your predator’s abilities or reach. When hunting, predators will break the law, this includes big brother.

Your success or your failure can happen in your pre-disappear planning. Remember, your predator can make a thousand mistakes and you can make none. One mistake is your downfall.

In the disappear world data, facial recognition, being spotted in public and leaving digital foot prints are all forms enemies. In the pre-disappearing world leaving contact phone numbers, social security numbers, digital surfing and similar are all enemies. Therefore, you have enemies in each phase of disappearing.

I often come across potential clients who are penny wise and pound foolish. One such client was being aggressively pursued by his ex-mother-in-law. She has hunted, him down and located him in each city he moved to year after year. He wanted me to create disinformation, which is important when it comes to disappearing. However, in this case I felt it was more important to figure out how his ex-in-law kept locating him. The client did not want to go this route, he only wanted me to create disinformation. I explained that this made no sense and we must locate the cause of the compromise.

What good is it moving forward if you have not cleaned up the crumbs you left behind. Obviously the ex-mother-in-law kept locating him by some piece of information from the past or something he keeps leaving behind. I tried explaining this but he continuously refused to accept this fact. He was totally myopic and it was only a matter of time until his would be discovered again. To assume that one item will not be a threat if but a fool’s game.

Change your thought process and think like a strategist, not a disappeared person. Disappeared people think about being disappeared and not like they are at war. If you plan to disappear you are going to war.

Perhaps You Are Thinking… Dammit Frank, this is a book about disappearing, how hell does one disappear their money without being discovered. This is the magic question everyone has been trying to figure out over the past X amount of years. If your money is in a bank, the second you move it there is a footprint. Whether that footprint leads to Belize or The Bahamas, it does not matter. The trick is to get your money out of those countries in a discreet manner not so much your home country.

You being the disappear strategist must look at the offshore bank that has your money and ask yourself. How do I disappear the funds from there? From there being the key question. Do you walk in and make a cash withdrawal? Do you buy bearer bonds? Do you buy gold? Do you buy a piece of art? Do you buy diamonds? You my Sun Tzu must figure out which works for you.

If you decide to read an offshore, hide your asset book keep in mind big brother knows all the trick of the trade. Also, keep in mind the information in those books are usually archaic. What big brother cannot hack from a bank, they buy from corrupt employees.

Accessing Funds… Say you opened an offshore bank account in The Republic of Frank. Funds can be accessed by a debit card provided by Ahearn Bank or via wire transfer to another bank. The question you must ask and answer is can you be traced via the access. If your predator discovers your bank account in The Republic of Frank, you are screwed. Why, because A, usually leads to B. Offshore banks may preach privacy or the idea of invisibility but neither concept truly exists.

Frank M. Ahearn – http://www.Disappear.Info


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