The Ultimate How To Disappear – Part 11

These are part of the unpublished Ultimate How to Disappear. Note, it is unedited.

Part – 11

Digital Shadow… We may walk among bricks and mortar but our digital shadow is the true hunted one. Your digital shadow is the information you create or created about you. It is the bits and pieces that make up your identity in the digital world.

View yourself as two entities that are planning to disappear. You the physical, the one that walks through bus station security and comes in contact with other humans. Then there is you the digital shadow what is not tangible. This is a vulnerable side of you since you do not control your digital shadow. This is the side that has no absolutes, it is abstract and is constantly changing. It is the unknown you.

I continuously talk about that when people are hunted, the predator searches for the information left behind. This is your digital shadow and this is the part of one’s identity most forget about. Information being invisible can create foster the idea of out of sight out of mind.

Let’s take the act of checking into and spending the night in a hotel. You walk into a hotel lobby and the camera picks up your physical presence. Those images or video float into a little machine and become part of your digital shadow. Next you walk to the desk clerk, check in and pay. Again, you are captured by a camera and your identity is collected. Ore information added to your digital shadow. You take the elevator and boom, another camera and more data added to your digital camera.

Let’s back track, what if you took a taxicab to the hotel and the camera outside picked up the license plate of the cab. The cab has a record of where it picked the pickup location. Perhaps you made a phone call while sitting in the back of the cab and the camera picked up the conversation.

You as the physical walking in society but you are sweating off some massive digital footprints. When you plan your exit think not only about or the physical surveillance but what information is being picked up or collected by the digital surveillance. Perhaps the taxi cab camera does not pick up audio, could a lip reading expert interpret your conversation.

Part of the strategy in pre-disappearing is to groom yourself for public discretion. Where you go, how you go, who you talk with, where you talk, how you travel, how you pay, and learning to curb other tells that can be picked up by physical surveillance and added to your digital shadow.

Don’t Be A Dick… When I talk with potential clients about disappearing I stress the fact that one should walk away with a clean slate. I cannot tell you how many times a dickhead husband has wanted to disappear and leave his ex and kids in the lurch. Besides being a totally shitty thing to do, it is stupid. Why anger someone and turn them into an enemy. Nothing fuels a mother’s anger and motivation more than the need to feed her children. If you are the one who has taken the food from their mouth, I guarantee you will create a mortal and perhaps a formidable enemy. It is wiser to give half then to run with all.

I say this not just from the point of doing the right thing but because life changes and bad shit happens. Now you may not believe in karma and that is fine. But do believe that if some bit shit happens, that dose of karma is going to march your way. Who knows, after six or seven years of living the good life, you fall ill and need to return to your homeland. It will be time to face the music, this could happen while you are on your knees struggling with a bout of cancer. Nobody will be bringing you a fruit basket.

How 2B4U Go… I suggest when you locate the city you want to move to, you hang out sometime before committing. Especially, if it is a foreign country. It is one thing to dream about living in Madrid but another to actually live there. Acclimating in a place where the language and culture is different can sometimes be difficult.

There are a few ways of locating an apartment. You can use a corporation, sublet or find a long term vacation rental. If you want to rent an apartment contact a realtor in the city of choice. Explain that your company will be paying the rent and you need to know how you can rent the apartment under the corporation name. make your problem, their problem. Most likely, the realtor will explain you must put up a larger security deposit.

The other option is to sublet, which is always sweet. A sublet guarantee’s that your name appears nowhere. Sometimes you are given a sublet lease which is between you and the apartment renter but this is only sheet of paper.

Prior to my move to Europe, I lived in short term rentals. Some of the owners wanted my passport and others did not. The remedy is, when you go to rent the apartment explain you lost your wallet, with your passport. It will be difficult for the owner to turn down the cash you have laid out on the table.

Obviously, these are simplistic methods but they work.

Frank M. Ahearn – http://www.Disappear.Info


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