The Ultimate How To Disappear – Part 13

Recently, I wrote The Ultimate How To Disappear, however, it was a lot of mumbo jumbo and decided it was best not to publish. However, some of the content is informative and thought I would post. Note, the content is unedited.

Part – 13

The one with the most resources typically has the most ability. In plain English, he who has the most Benjamin’s usually wins. The most dangerous predators are the ones with the deepest pockets.

Something I have learned over the years is clients with money can be dangerous. For such clients all they are doing is unloading their pockets to obtain their needs. One of the services I offered were copies of home and mobile phone bills. My client, a New York investigator sent over a request to obtain Mr. X’s phone bill.

The following day my client sent over ten phone numbers that were listed on the phone  bill I obtained. He wanted call records for all of those numbers. Initially, I was thrilled, this was huge money however the danger. Mr. X was the CEO of a famous company and the son of a famous designer. He had super deep pockets and if I got caught accessing his information I would have been knee deep in shit.

What happens is Mr. X’s wife wants copies of every phone bill from all of Mr. X’s phone and mobile lines. When the following month arrived she wanted me to go back in and pull his calls again. Being the money glutton I was, I pulled what I pulled. Then the next month the client wanted the same and this time I knew it was time to back off.

It was only a matter of time before Mr. X’s home or mobile company contacted him about all the inquiries being made. I refused to do the work for my client and he was cool and understood. The next day a fax comes rolling in and it is from another client requesting the same information. I refused to do the work and the next the request came from another client.

Hunting People… The art of hunting people can become an obsession. More so today with the internet than ever before. Predators can spend hours searching you, loved ones, social media and databases. The more one searches the more-able they become.

There is a certain high that happens when hunting people. The chase is filled with adrenal and every time you get closer to a target the high bumps up. hunting is all about chipping away at the stone, being a sculptor. Your location is the finished piece of art.

Pretext… “Hi Mrs. Jones, the is Mike Garvin from X Company, your son Tom Jones, sent us a resume and we are interested in interviewing him for a wonderful position. However, we lost his contact information.”

Mrs. Jones just might be kind enough to offer Mr. Jones’ phone number. Or perhaps she is responsible and wants my contact information to give to her son. I give her my bogus phone number, we hang up and she calls her son.

The second part of the pretext is to Mrs. Jones’ phone company.

Follow Up Pretext… “Hi, this Michael Christopher in Systems Activations and we are down. I need you to bring up an account for a start date.”

Pretext is like dating, every no leads to a yes!

Follow Up Pretext… “On June 17th at 2pm we show a call made but the number kicked out of the system.”

The nice telephone rep will tell me the call was placed to 212.555.1212, Tom Jones’ mobile phone number.

My next call is to Tom Jones’ mobile phone carrier.

Social Engineering/Pretext… “Hi this is Michael Christopher from Pretext Mobile, we are down and I need you to bring up an account for a start date. The mobile number is 212.555.1212.”

The nice rep is kind enough to tell me that the billing name is Tom Jones and the billing address is 1313 Mockingbird Lane. In addition, I can extract, Tom’s work contact, SS# and a list of his monthly calls.

Pretext is not brain surgery but it is illegal!

Frank M. Ahearn – http://www.Disappear.Info


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