The Ultimate How To Disappear – Part 14

Recently, I wrote The Ultimate How To Disappear, however, it was a lot of mumbo jumbo and decided it was best not to publish. However, some of the content is informative and thought I would post. Note, the content is unedited.

Part – 14

How to books are not the promised land of information. This would include the mumbo jumbo I serve up too. Is this The Ultimate How to Disappear Book? Maybe, maybe not. Either way never settle on the information in one book. There is no one way of doing something and that includes disappearing. Whether you read my books or JJ Luna’s books, which I recommend. Take what you can, apply it and discover new information elsewhere.

But never believe the hype!

In the pre-disappearing stage, you must educate yourself not only about strategy but technology, government intrusion, travel laws, banking and other related topics. The day you decide to disappear you enter the University of Staying Gone and my friend there is constant homework.

GPS… What items do you own that have a GPS device? Have you carried your mobile phone or driven your car to locations of discretion? Meaning, if you have used a mail drop did you drive your car there and park in front of the drop? Did you stand inside the drop using your mobile phone? If you did, then whatever you created by using that mail drop is burned. Did you drive to a travel agency, bank or Western Union?

We must look at technology as an omnipotent shadow, that is here, there and everywhere. The simple act of walking to the supermarket creates much information about our actions. The second we step outside of our home we face the camera in the elevator or lobby. We face the cameras on the streets, inside the supermarket and at the cash register. If you have your wearable with you, this too creates information about your trip to the market.

What you want to think about is how you can move without creating too much information. The first step is to remove all technology from your person. The securest way from point A to point B might a long walk through the park. Unfortunately, you cannot walk through a city without leaving a trace so the next best tactic is to reduce the trace.

Apps Disinformation… From the mobile phone you plan to leave behind download bank apps from countries you will not visit. Download local café apps for cafes in cities you will not visit.

Language App Disinformation… From the mobile phone you plan to leave behind, download a language app and Google Translate app. If you plan to disappear to Germany download a Spanish language app and practice Spanish. Use the Google Translation app in Spanish daily and search common Spanish phrases.

Language Disinformation… From your traceable locations sign up for a language course. If you are going to Norway, as if you are learning French.

Debit Cards… If you plan to open an offshore bank account prior to your disappearance be aware that most banks do not mail the debit card. You must pick up in person.

Did You… Search a disappear location from an internet café where you can be identified. If you did you need a new disappear land.

Mail Drops… Repeat, do not use mail drops any longer.

The You Conspiracy… You are a nation onto your own nation and the world is trying to conquer you! This is the mindset you must have. You are at war! You must believe that everyone is out to get you and that everyone that enters your circle is a potential risk. You must believe there is a conspiracy against you. Believing anything less can jeopardize your freedom.

Frank M. Ahearn – http://www.Disappear.Info


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