The Ultimate How To Disappear – Part 15

I wrote a new book, The Ultimate How to Disappear, however, it did not turn out so well and I trashed the book. However, I figured I would post some relevant information. Note, the content is unedited.

Part – 15

Prompted Conversation… Speaking with people in your new disappear world can be dangerous and you must always be aware. What is most important is to listen to how people you encounter phrase their questions.

If you meet someone in a bar and they say. “Hey, I live near the library.” This is a prompted statement and expects you to respond with, “I live near the park.” The person speaking has given you a piece of geography and to a degree expects the same of you.

If you are at a party and someone states. “Hey, you look familiar, you work at Macy’s.” This too is a prompted statement where you are supposed to respond with, “No, IBM.”

This line of questioning could be innocent and simply a person’s way of trying to get to know you. Unfortunately, you do not exist in an innocent world. You exist in a world of danger, a world where people becoming too close can explode the disappear world.

Listening is a real tool and it is not just hearing. It is understanding what the person is asking or stating. First train yourself to listen and listen in accurately. Second is to recognize what it is the person is actually stating or asking. Third is thinking before you speak.

When others use prompted conversation on you do not be illusive in the sense where you answer with all blanks. Flip the conversation back at them and engage them in their world, “Oh, the bank. How is that area?” or “I wish I worked at Macys, the discounts would be great.”

Have Head Conversations… Prior to meeting a new client I have the meeting conversation in my head at least five hundred times. The head conversation is a fast moving train zipping with questions and answers. What if they want something illegal, how will I respond? What if they are not who they say they are, how will I respond and what will I do? What if this, what if that. The what if can be your greatest ally in social situations.

Are You Being Pretexted… Most people you meet will not have ill intentions or ulterior motives. However, some will. These can be people you meet socially at a bar who simply want to get laid. Or they can be someone in a foreign country who sees you as a meal ticket.

Pseudocide – Faking Your Death… Some conspiracies never die and if you do something to create a conspiracy it will haunt you. One such haunting that follows is a mysterious death, it always brings out the buffs and the sleuths. If you involve yourself in an act of pseudocide (faking death), you will add to the collection of predators on your heels.

If you are planning your pseudocide near water, you are creating a naturally suspicious environment. Timelines are the curse of the crooked. What did the subject do twenty-four hours prior to the incident and what happened at this location after the incident?

If you are going to fake your death, create a timeline and be aware of your actions. All the suspicion dwells in the hours before the execution. Wouldn’t you want to know what law enforcement will find once you pull the ripcord?

If your death involves falling off your boat, are there videos of you buying extra gas? This could suggest a second boat. Did you check MapQuest for direction from the beach the day before you planned your big plunge? Did you use an ATM an hour before and have a backpack in tow? The day prior did you ride a bicycle and chain it to a fence?

If you took the time to create a timeline of your actions or potential actions, you would notice the flaws in your plan. Once your presumed death hits the news you become a curiosity. A curiosity in the news is only good when you are selling books.

In one of my previous books I discuss the risks of faking your death. There are too many variable and moving parts. You have no way of controlling the loose ends. Sometimes walking off into the sunset is the best answer.

Frank M. Ahearn – http://www.Disappear.Info


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