The So-Called Expectation of Privacy

To become more private, you must first let go of the idea that privacy is an expectation. You must also let go of the idea that privacy is a right. In addition, you must forget that privacy is protected by the law. I won’t even mention hacking.

The idea that privacy is expected is an absurd myth that has gone out of style. If anything privacy is a want or a desire. Our information is the new gold and some companies and law enforcement are like degenerate gold miners getting all freaky in the digital gold rush. Many of these entities and organizations do not respect privacy, they simply take what they want. They use the tools of privacy policies or the whip up new laws in the name of some fear factor. They rearrange the furniture to suit their needs.

You may have the right to remain silent but you do not have the right to exist digitally in private. Keep in mind people talk about phone privacy, credit card privacy and internet privacy. All of these services are third parties. A corporation owns the service and they have all the eyes on our data. We have no clue and probably will never know what takes place in back offices. Expect all you like but…  The reality is humans are behind the technology and humans are the true violators of other human’s privacy. Technology is just the tool while the human is the digital arch criminal.

Law enforcement and privacy, hello — give me a break. For face value, US law enforcement agencies have become militarized units. Now, think about their back office operations. Think super spies! Like some badge wearing geek is going to stop when it comes to access?

To create true privacy, you need to first accept that there is no privacy in the laps of others. Therefore, how you act, interact and exchange in the digital and physical space is how you manage your privacy. Think about Mossack Fonseca, each client expected privacy but that did not happen in their offshore banking world. Those who did business with Mossack Fonseca never thought about their communication actions. Perhaps if they embraced the idea that there is no privacy and they managed their communications in such a fashion. There would be no embarrassing or compromising emails account. Privacy begins with your actions.

Frank M. Ahearn – http://www.Disappear.Info


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