The Ultimate How To Disappear – Part 16

The Ultimate How to Disappear, is a book I wrote, however, it did not turn out very well. Therefore, I dumped it and decided to post some of the relevant information.

Part 16

Frank, Frankie & Francis… There is a lot to remember when you plan your disappearance. What I suggest is to compartmentalize your disappearing world. For example, I use Frank, Frankie and Francis in a variety of ways. Francis being my birth name and I use it for everything legal.

Frank is strictly business, from my books, speeches, business cards and public speaking.

Frankie is for friends and family.

How does this help you? Number one, in your new world you do not want to introduce yourself as Frank M. Ahearn, Frankie Ahearn would be best. It separates you from an identity and in your head it helps with your new persona. What to do if you name is Eric or Noah and there are no deviations? Eric, can be Ric or E and Noah can be No, or N. You can use a middle name or a nickname.

See yourself as different identities with different purposes. It is like when I get a call on my mobile phone and the caller says Frank, Frankie or Francis, I know what it the matter is about. If they ask for Mr. Ahearn, I hang up. It is a simple way of controlling different parts of your life.

No Trinkets… It is possible your disappearance will be final and you will never return. Look at the world you are leaving behind and bring with you the memories, no trinkets.

Mobile SIM… I used a global SIM with a UK mobile number, this masked the city where I resided.

Banking… I opened up a non—resident bank account prior to leaving the US. Foreign bank accounts are not easy to open if you are an American. However, not impossible.

Housing… I rented an apartment for three months via Airbnb. When I arrived, the owner asked to see my passport and I explained it was lost at the airport. I furthered the conversation by pulling out twenty-five-hundred euros. After that they never asked about my passport.

Think Of… Pre-disappearing as no different than relocating for a new job. The difference is you want to remain private.

Protect Your Money… Your money is your lifeblood, protect it at all cost. When you arrive in disappear land do not come off as well-heeled or extravagant. You do not want to become someone’s mark. Best to feign pauper than gloat prince only to have your jewels stolen.

This is a cautionary tale for anyone who disappears to a foreign country. You arrive in a place where you have more money than the locals you can be viewed as a meal ticket or a mark. I know it is terrible to think about people in the sense but opportunist do in exists.

Never discuss your finances with anyone in your new disappear world. Always downplay your income or stability. Better to appear as a broke ass than a piggy bank. If you lose all of your money you will be shuffling off to Buffalo and trust me no on wants to go to Buffalo.

Think about the situation of socializing in your new world. You are lying to people about who you are and where you are from, who is to say the person in front of you is not lying too. As a matter of fact, you should assume they are all lying motherfuckers until proven otherwise. This is certainly a dour view on your fellow man but you are not out there to make friends but protect yourself maintain your freedom.

Create A Privacy Bubbles… Imagine there are all of these separate bubbles in your life.

First Name Bubble… Perhaps the people you meet in the local stores, those you meet walking your dog or the friendly guy at the bar. All of these people know you as Frankie and nothing more. When you run into these people you should always think first name bubble.

Home Bubble… I suggest not letting people into your home but there will come a time where relationships bloom. Perhaps the second bubble are people who do enter your home and they do know a little more about you.

Dangerous Bubble Items… Anything that can link you to your past is a dangerous bubble item. At the local bar using a credit card and change your bubble. Parking your car in the bar parking lot where your license tag is visible can burst the bubble. Discussing your alma mater can burst your bubble. Telling stories about a flower vase, piece of jewelry, medicine prescription, a photo of your child or a painting of your hometown can all break your bubble.

It’s All About The Bubbles… Think about everything in your soon to be home as a bubble. Items with your name, things of the past, bank statements, open laptops and anything that can be used to connect your past to your present.

YouTube Language… From un-connected computers, take some basic language lessons.

Stash Those Tool… If you do decide to build a life in one location always be ready to disappear. If the heat comes down and you must move, have those tools stashed and available twenty-four-seven. It is always best to anticipate war is coming.

Frank M. Ahearn – http://www.Disappear.Info


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