The Ultimate How To Disappear – Part 17

The Ultimate How to Disappear, is a book I wrote, however, it did not turn out very well. Therefore, I dumped it and decided to post some of the relevant information.

Part 17

The Virtual Entity… I identify disappearing as being a virtual entity with no connections to anything physical. No matter how much information is known about you it, it is just information. For that information to be dangerous it must be associated or connected to a physical location. Without the physical there is no capturing you. Keep in perspective this concept has nothing to do with a random spotting of you but specifically your digital footprints.

To beat a dead horse here, in order to avoid being connected to anything physical everything about you must be an act of deception. When you find the apartment you want to rent in disappear land ask yourself, how you will exist as a virtual entity. Like Bruce Wayne you must create a secret bat cave and like Bruce, not be associate with the hidden sanctum. If you have one piece of information about you connected to your bat cave you are simply screwed. There will be no possible way to protect against intrusion.

Buzz Stuff… The reason I use terms and buzz lines, like bubbles, virtual entity, borders and such is so you have stockpile alarms in your head. It goes back to the idea, that the predator can make a hundred and ten mistakes but you cannot make any mistakes. While you are preplanning the great disappearance perhaps it is the two words, bat cave or the one word virtual that kicks in and makes you aware of a potential threat. Always remember the buzz.

Creating Borders… Imagine the deception you create as the borderline which separates fact and fiction for the purposes of safety. It will be the fiction you create that keeps you safe on your journey. Every time you press a button, tell a fake story.

Digital Deception… All of your deception begins in Pre-Disappearing. The first act of deception begins with the readily available information known about you. Where does one begin? On the internet.

There are two types of online information, database and social. Database is the regurgitated junk on phone directories and address sites. Then there is the social information, the crap you and others posted about you.

On the internet the word delete is a fake word. If a website or database offers to delete your information it only means they delete it from the internet not their database. The problem with deleting is the company may sell their database information to another company who will then publish the information back online.

You could spin your wheels trying to get information off of websites, however, I just mentioned it could reappear like that distant cousin no one ever wants to see. I personally, do not think it is worth your time to even worrying about. The reason for this is over time such information will be so out-of-date it will not matter. The danger you face is if the old crap can lead to the new you.

Frank M. Ahearn, suggests you choose deception over delete any day of the week. If you can contact websites and update them on some fake information that would be key. The information you change could be spread over time and assist in creating your deception borderline.

If you review your database information, there are probably a number of old addresses, your year of birth, variations of your name, names of relatives. Most skip tracers use this information as source information to locate you. Therefore, if you can add a new city like Denver, or a fake named sister, Thelma to the database you will make the hunt more difficult. Sometimes more information is simply noise that gets in the way of the hunt. This is a good thing.

If you can change your database information do it wisely by creating realistic deception. If your pockets are Bogota, New Jersey do not create Beverly Hills deception. A good investigator can see through the bullshit. Never, underestimate your predator or ever think they are stupid. Create a daisy chain of deception. Meaning, connect your online and offline deception. If you made bogus calls to Montana, deviate your online database information so it reflects Montana.

If you have been a social whore loading the digital world with information about you it is time to give it a haircut and reshape. If I am hunting for a person and come upon their Facebook page, I read the timeline. The timeline offers a lot of details about people, their habits, hobbies, friends, families and events in their life. Any people who indulge in social media usually reveal a number of truths and these truths can be pieced together and reveal the one nugget that blows them out of the water. In addition, I search those that comment or give the thumbs.

The art of deception is grooming and sprinkling. Do not make the mistake of loading up all your disinformation in a week. Deception should be sprinkled, not poured on the internet. You do not want to visit your Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Instagram and all that other crap on the same day posting information back to back.

Do not put the same information on all of your social sites. If a predator reads your social sites and sees on Wednesday, you wrote you are moving to Alaska and loaded ALL sites with Alaskan information it could appear suspect.

Groom and sprinkle!

Frank M. Ahearn — http://www.Disappear.Info


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