The Ultimate How To Disappear – Part 18

Here is part of The Ultimate How to Disappear, a book I wrote but dumped. I was not thrilled with the results, however, there is some interesting content. Do note the postings are unedited.

Part 18

Social Deception… Let us say you are going to use Chicago as your disinformation city. Meaning, you are going to create disinformation to lead your predator to Chicago while you are disappeared in Rhode Island.

The best way to create social deception is to use social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and such. You will create numerous fake friends who all have fakes social sites. You will create communications about you moving to Chicago. When you create conversation it is important your fake friends do not speak or write like you, mix it up a bit. In addition, do not have the same conversation with all your friends.

Tools… For each fake digital entity, you create you will use a prepaid SIM phone number as their identity, 212.555.1212 Kurt Duesterdick. The purpose is some social sites and email services require a mobile number for verification. To keep track of all of your identities build a website but DO NOT PUBLISH website.

Digital Tool… Let me preface, I am not a techie! When creating the fake digital identities, you will use a VPN, Virtual Private Network, which changes your IP address. When you create one Facebook page, you will use the VPN as if you are in Chicago and for the next Denver. Your digital entities should all come from different locations. This will safeguard from the social site blocking you from creating

212.555.1212 Kurt Duesterdick – Chicago
212.555.1213 Eric Jone – Leonia
212.555.1224 Max Grofet – Beverly Hills

Again, you will keep track of all of these identities by building a website and NOT publish.

Identity… Most would assume that a new or fake identity is the holy grail of disappearing. If you can obtain an original passport, social security number and passport, I guess it would be but it comes with huge risks. The central danger is the person you purchased the new or fake identity from, if they get popped your secret could become their get out of jail free card.

If you are not running from the law, there is no reason to use a fake identity. Plus, the day you use a fake identity you become a criminal and now the law is your predator. If you decide you need a new identity, it should be something you create on your own. There is nothing truer then the idea that two can keep a secret if one is dead. If you are going to use a new identity it is best to have several, depending on one is too risky. There is too many variable that can come into play when using a fake, stolen or duplicated identity. Do you really want to keep all of your money in a bank under one fake identity?

The great mystery of life is how does one obtain a new identity. Unfortunately, there is no answer to the question. Typically, the resolution comes from one’s devious mind or governmental connections. I eliminate the idea of buying from a street corner criminal because that is just plain dumb. A fake identity is only as good or secure as what you created or who you purchased it from.

Don’t Be Dumb… Never purchase a camouflage passport which is from a country like Rhodesia, Siam or Yugoslavia. What do these countries have in common? They no longer exist. There are websites that sell camouflage passports and tout its uses, you might as well sport a Junior G-Man Badge and flash it when in need. Some people buy camouflage passports to leave in hotel rooms when traveling. Others use if they are in dangerous countries so as not to flash a western passport. Try walking through American customs with a passport from Tibet and see how quick you end up in an orange jumper.

Be Virtual Not Identifiable… Disappearing is about freedom and to obtain freedom you must be virtual. Virtual in the sense where you are not connected to anything physical or tangible. Having a fake identity makes you identifiable as that handle and using your own identify makes you identifiable as you.

When you are planning your disappearance you must ask yourself, if the scenario you are creating makes you identifiable. If it does you have a problem because this can make you tangible and when you are tangible you become vulnerable to capture.

Banking… A bank account in your real name or fake name can make you identifiable. The transactions in the accounts can make you tangible. The added layer of virtual would be to use an offshore bank account. However, the day’s offshore banks are not as secure or private as they have been in the past.

The offshore banking world is an earthquake where l changes happen daily due to the nature of the business. Before forming a corporation and opening a bank account do your homework. Do not solely rely on the person providing you the banking information and taking your cash. The two key questions are how private are you and how quickly can you extract your funds.

It is worth mentioning again, that offshore banks claim to offer one hundred percent anonymity but that could change in the blink of an eye. The bank could be hacked; a whistle blower does some nasty business or big brother gets all jiggy and steals the banking information.

Frank M. Ahearn – http://www.Disappear.Info


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