The Ultimate How To Disappear – Part 20

This is from The Ultimate How to Disappear, a book I wrote but felt it was best not to publish. Note, unedited.

Part 20

A Story Of Happiness… A client was living with their spouse on divorce day. From what I understood life under the roof was a land of misery, contributed by both parties. The client had a disappear plan up their sleeve and decided to make peace and try to not to engage in confrontation.

The client figured that if they backed off, such actions would make life easier until they both parted ways but this was not the case. The change in attitude made the client’s spouse extremely suspicious and a private detective was hired to follow the client.

The client had a cash business and at the close of each day would make a deposit into a joint account at Bank A. However, after each deposit the client walked across the street to Bank B and made a deposit. Bank B was an account the client never disclosed in the divorce papers. This discovery of the hidden bank account blew up in my clients face and did not play out very well in court.

My client’s lawyer asked the spouse’s lawyer how the client figured out there was another bank account. The lawyer explained that the happiness of the client was so out of character, it was suspicious. The lesson here is if you are a miserable bastard, remain a miserable bastard until your ass is out the door.

Jailbreak… If your ex or a predator sees a change in you this will definitely prompt suspicion. The pre-disappearing phase is no different than a jailbreak. You must remain cool and no one should ever see a change in you.

Illusion… If you have always been viewed as weak, keep the illusion. If you have always been viewed as a stingy miser, keep the illusion. No one should ever know if you are coming or going.

Being On The Run… I view being on the run as not being disappeared. The question is which will you be? Those that go on the run are typically responding to a threatening situation. That situation could be escaping from prison, jumping bail, walking out on a violent spouse or another type of immediate escape.

Being Disappeared… Is finding a secure and private location where you can start over and build a new life.

Being On The Run Or Being Disappeared… You need to decide if it is safer for you to be on the run or disappear to a specific location. There are pros and cons for each but only you can determine which is safest. The decision should be based on who your predator is, why you are disappearing, how much money you have, your ability to be mobile, is it physically safe for you to be on the run and such factors.

There is a lot of exposure being on the run. The constant movement, the passing through bus stations, train stations and airports. You are creating a lot of digital foot prints and putting your face in many public places. Every time you check into a hotel there is a camera snapping your photo. To avoid hotels and motels, couch surf or use private apartment rentals.

Being disappeared can create complacency and sometimes make you a sitting target. To a degree, you never know if the predator has rolled into to town and is stalking. Yet, being disappeared, you create less footprint and less exposure to outside factors.

I believe the strategy is to identify the dangers of the day. Whether that day involves running or being disappeared. Before you walk out the door, anticipate an do not underestimate the dangers and figure out how to avoid.

Walkaway Day… A few years back I did a documentary called Erasing David. It was about David Bond who planned to disappear and see if he could be erased for a period of time without being located by a private detective.

When I sat down with David to discuss his disappearance he planned to walk out his door and vanish. My first question being, how do you know the private investigator is not sitting on the corner waiting to follow you. David did not think about the first second of the walkaway.

Your walkaway is the most important second of your disappearance. When you walk out your door, it is game on, you did it and it all begins. Therefore, when you step into the street you are fair game and in the hunt.

It does not matter if your predator is doing a surveillance on you or not. You must assume the predator and big brother is watching. Therefore, you accept the fact that you are under the eye and your actions must incorporate the eye watching you. I could play know it all and write fifty tips on how to thwart a surveillance but it is not my expertise. Read a book about surveillance and counter surveillance.

The goal of this book is to teach you to think strategically not just about disappearing. Prior to walkaway day you should be well read in many arts. Think, offshore banking, privacy, surveillance, strategy, traveling, technology and other books that deem appropriate in your situation.

No one book is the bible of your disappearance!

Landing Zone… When you are planning your walkway do not go straight to your destination. Choose a location somewhere in the middle and hole up there. This will provide you the opportunity to determine if you are under the eye or left some footprints. The landing zone should never be a hotel it is best to be a private apartment rental.

The most dangerous part about the walkaway is the physical surveillance you will encounter. The cameras in a train station, toll crossings, hotel lobbies and even small bodegas. Avoiding surveillance is like wading through a tank full of sharks. All you an do is your best to avoid.

The walkaway has to be carefully planned. However, you must be cautious about leaving footprints while you research and plan. I would suggest using Google Earth and Google Maps, they show you what you need to know and the best part is you can see the buildings and street corners on your route. For example, you may have planned to walk down 56th street but discover there is a diplomatic mission on that street and heavy physical and digital security. Perhaps on 9th street there is a police station. Are there road closings?

Is it a Friday night and there will be more police on the road? Is it the 4th of July and there are DUI check points? Are you in the US and driving to close to the Mexican border? Maybe a catastrophic event took place a week earlier? Any of these events could throw a wrench into your walkaway.

I mentioned that when you walk away, it should appear like it is a normal day. Why this is so important is you may start your exit and something could occur and you may need to retreat and hold your disappearance for a day or two.

Frank M. Ahearn –


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