The Ultimate How To Disappear – Part 21

Here is part 21 of The Ultimate How to Disappear, a book I recently wrote but decided to trash since it was not very good. However, some of the information is useful. Do note, unedited.

A good skip tracer does not waste their time searching regurgitated database information or knocking on your neighbor’s door. No, a good skip tracer is a social engineer who picks up the phone and violates all your private information. A quick education in skip tracing. When a skip tracer hunts for you, they search for the information you left behind. Such as phone records, bank transfers, airline travel and any other place your information might sit. A skip tracer pretexts (lies) by posing as you or an employee of the company. At the end of a day a good skip tracer could possess every piece of information about you.

The only way you thwart your enemy in the disappear world is by creating digital disinformation and digital distortion.

Digital Disinformation… Utilizing the internet to make it appear you live in Berlin but actually live in London.

Digital Distortion… Destroying your digital information beyond recognition for the purpose of confusing your enemy.

Offline Disinformation… Offline disinformation must happen as well!

Delete… Does not exist on the internet. Disinformation is the only tool.

Credit Card Disinformation… Buy books and travel movies about places you will never visit.

Credit Card Disinformation… Reserve hotels in cities you will never visit.

Credit Card Disinformation… Buy plane or train tickets but do not travel.

Currency Disinformation… At your local bank, purchase currency for a country you will not visit. If your predator has access to your banking information they will wonder, why you purchased one million Burundian Franc’s.

Make those mothers wonder!

To push the disinformation further contact the Credit Bank of Bujumbura by phone and email to inquire about opening a bank account. FYI, Credit Bank of Bujumbura can be opened via mail. Not that I recommend putting any significant amount of money in Burundi.

ATM Disinformation… Use an ATM weekly in a different part of town. This will make your predator wonder, why there?

Buy travel magazines!

Frank M. Ahearn – http://www.Disappear.Info


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