The Ultimate How To Disappear – Part 22

Enclosed is a section from The Ultimate How to Disappear, a book I wrote but dumped. Note, unedited.

Part 22

Information, is just information. However, it is a mighty tool that can be used against you in many ways. Information is also invisible and you have no idea of knowing what information your predator has in your dossier.  The information your predator holds could be database garbage from two years ago or a Tweet from two hours ago.

Information is an embryonic weapon that evolves and links. I see linking as the most dangerous part of information. In the pre-disappearing think of your predator primarily as information. Think of all the known information known about you as superior in the sense that it is infinite and you do not have the ability to conquer infinity. Therefore, evading is your only option.

During your pre-disappearing you might be tempted to taunt your predator or soon to be ex-spouse. Never play games, never fall into their circle. Always remain at a distance and keep focused.

For the twenty years I did skip tracing, I dealt with private investigators who came from various professional backgrounds. Some of the investigators were so tenacious when it came to cases that appeared unsolvable. I worked cases with them that took months and they would chip away and chip away until that one piece of the case was exposed. Sometimes an investigator will continue working a case after the money runs out. We all have that one that got away and man, if you are that one you will have some problem.

While you are planning, you must not think this will be the end of your predator. You must recognize that you are now going to catapult your predator into high gear and the chase is on! Therefore, you can take no ease, since they will soon be in maximum overdrive. Your weapon here is to separate yourself from your predator.

Many types of people contact me, the good, the bag the ugly and the downright fucking evil. Late one night I received an alert for a phone consultation. Like always, I search what I can about the potential client prior to contact. I discovered that the subject was accused or a horribly violent crime the week before but yet to be charged. I already know how this conversation is going to play out.

On the phone he wasted no time, asking how to smuggle several million dollars out of the country. When I say wasted no time, I mean it was the first sentence out of his mouth. We live in the most intrusive time of society ever and people still say and do things that can lead to their downfall. He used the words, smuggle and millions, these are some serious buzz words. I figured he would take a breather and allow me to answer but he moved on to the passport question. He wanted two passports in two different names. The surprising part is he forgot to ask about the Harry Potter, invisibility cloak. When I talk on the phone or I email I always keep in mind that the invisible eyes and ears are part of the communications. To think any less is to is to give potential to share your secrets.

This guy knew that his future involved an orange jumpsuit and he wanted to take his money and disappear. Here goes his master plan. He visits my website from his home computer, he pays for a consultation using his personal credit card, he provides me with his work email address and personal mobile phone number. For a man urgently looking to disappear he made a million amateur moves. Six minutes into the conversation I knew this guy had no destiny but behind bars. I also knew that in a matter of weeks he would be popped for trying to run.

Why is this story important? Because how you plan to get out of Dodge is just as important as being out of Dodge. This particular person was being reactionary and not thinking that his footprint would lead directly to me. Reactionary is never good in the disappearing world. In his head he believed what he was doing would keep him free and out of the box. He was dead set wrong. All he did was create footprint after footprint. In this case, with this guy it turned out to be a good thing because he was popped at the border with a suitcase of money.


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