Control Your Privacy

Control your privacy by thinking about circles and imagine you are the Center Circle. Think of people, information and technology as separate outside circles. The way to control your privacy is to not let those circles ever be connected to each other. Especially, your center circle.

The center circle begins with your home and the plan is to set up your home and not allow the circles to connect to your Center Circle/home. This is dependent upon, how much money you have, some can buy a home outright and pay cash and utilize a corporation. If you need to get mortgage, this is problematic, unless it is a business mortgage and not connected to you or your identifiers. If you do are renting a home, this can be done via a corporation, subletting, paying cash or under another person’s name. Either was your name or your identifier must never be connected to your home.

There will be a Service Circle and this circle are the services you use in your home. Utilities, cable, internet, phone and any other item that needs your identifier or generates an invoice. If any of these service items have your name or identifier attached it will connect to your home. Therefore, such items must be in a corporation name or another person’s name.

Credit Circles and Debit Circles are all credit card and debit cards. Ideally these items should not be connected to your name or identifier. If they are it is important that they not be connected to your Center Circle. Equally important is the transactions not be connected to your Center Circle. Such a transaction could be shopping in the same supermarket every Tuesday near your home. Or, paying for a utility bill with a credit card. Information alone is not dangerous, when it connects then there is danger.

The Technology Circle, is the digital footprint you create. The footprints must never lead to your identity nor ever lead to your Center Circle. Begin to see your world as circles and keep them from connecting.

Frank M. Ahearn – http://www.Disappear.Info

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