The Zen of Disappearing & Privacy

I began adding to this blog out of boredom. Each morning I wake wondering what to add, wondering if I have anything important to add. In addition, wondering if anything I have added in the past has any shred of value. The reason I say this is, one can only blab so much about disappearing and privacy for so long without sounding like a broken record.

The avoidance of attempting to being a broken brings me to the so—called evolution about my idea of disappearing. For the longest, I viewed disappearing as something accomplished with tools. The tools being misinformation, destroying old information, disinformation, creating fake trails and reformation, getting from point A to B. Tools are necessary but I now believe more and different is also necessary.cover_3(1)

Disappearing is a lifestyle and a way of thinking change. I see this as a philosophical and Zen way of being. Maye this is an odd approach but for the past year I have lived a bit off the radar and have learned much more about being disappeared. Being disappeared is like being a passive observer with a watchful eye. Such an eye must see the tangible threats and the invisible threats of information. Such a way of seeing can only come through discipline.

Recently I completed the first book of The Art of Disappearing, According to Sun Tzu’s, The Art of War. Working on this project has opened my eyes to the thought process of what one should embrace when pre-planning a disappear journey. Yes, it is the tools and yes, it is being a strategist but it is also being mindful of the world around you which is the past, present and future. Disappearing and privacy is definitely a mindset. The future of disappearing is about being a strategist and being mindful in the world you live.

Frank M. Ahearn


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