Linda Katehi Reputation Madness

For the longest I have been stating that the online reputation industry is total madness. I personally have been an advocate of using deception to resolve online issues. Bouncing negative information down to page ten of Google is no different than spitting in the wind. It always comes back to hit you in the face.

The most recent spit in the reputation madness industry comes via Linda Katehi, the chancellor of UC-Davis, who paid $175,000 to deal with negative online information. A shocking amount of money to pay, considering one could hire a student to do the work. Let me repeat, a shocking amount of money, perhaps I am jealous.

Furthermore, you can read the contract stating what will be done to allegedly scrub the net of the negative information. You would think there would be more discretion when dealing with such a sensitive matter. However, not in the case, the contract is available for all to see.

If you need a little reputation repair, learn to do it yourself. It will remain your little secret and whole lot cheaper.

Frank M. Ahearn – http://www.Disappear.Info


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