How to Disappear Slop of the Day

Each day I wonder what to pop into this blog. The first goal is not to bore the hell out of people. The second is to avoid as many typos and grammatical errors as possible (a work in progress). Thirdly, offer some interesting or unique perspective of privacy or disappearing. Whether that happens or not is debatable.

Earlier, in a conversation with an associate, she suggested I search the news for privacy or disappear issues and write something that is current. This makes sense and keeps content fresh. I hit the news and typed in how to disappear and privacy. Today’s magic topic is the new Privacy Shield Framework (snore), a boat load of articles filled the screen but it was all the same mumbo jumbo rewritten, reinterpreted and regurgitated. It seems everyone wants to be relevant and current as opposed to being original. Not saying, I am a master of originality. Although I would like to avoid the daily slop and toss out some original slop.

Therefore, the Frank M. Ahearn slop of the day is about making money while disappeared abroad. Fear not, I am not going to hawk a book about making money overseas. Well, at least not yet. I have been living in Europe for close to two years and many of the English speaking expats I have gotten to know teach English (no surprise). Most of them never a taught a day in their life or even had a command of the local language. Also, most were not legal and made money in the black. They used what they had to survive. What do you have in you to survive?

Before you disappear, search out your future location (discretely) by hitting up the expat forums and find out how others are making money. The trick is to find some type of work you are capable of doing without being traced. Some create an income that is a byproduct of their experience. Keep in mind, that working in most countries is probably no different than working in your own country. You need papers, if you do not have papers you must work your way around that obstacle.

One of the concerns from expatriates associates who teach English is they are a dime a dozen. This means the wages are not always fair and losing their job is always a threat. When you plan your income earning think about the replacement factor. How easily can you be replaced? If you are replaced what will you do? What will you do, is a sentence that should always linger in your mind when you are disappeared. One of the tactics of being disappeared is to look ten feet ahead and two days in the future.

Finding a suitable income overseas is not an easy task and it should not be left to fate or figuring it out when you get there. Such actions will only lead to you eating slop!

Frank M. Ahearn –
Author of The Art of Disappearing, According to Sun Tzu’s Art of War


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