250 How to Disappear Tips

In between writing the next section of, The Art of Disappearing, According to Sun Tzu’s, The Art of War. I have been sifting through my writing vault. I cannot even count how many times the terms and words, how to disappear, disinformation, new identities and fake identities appear in the countless Word documents. It nears obsessive, like Jerry Fletcher from Conspiracy Theory. I think I may need a new hobby.

Deep in the disappear vault I found a document where I was writing a book titled, 250 How to Disappear Tips. At first I thought it was kind of cheesy and cheap but it has some relevant information. I am thinking of releasing it, maybe, maybe not. However, the part that is currently missing in the text is the mindset of disappearing, how to become a disappear strategist. These days it is important to be a strategist is you want to disappear properly.

One of the reasons I am so focused on the mindset of disappearing and training oneself to be like Sun Tzu is because tools are just tools. I can explain to you how to create a fake identity or open a bank account in a foreign country under another name. Yet, the real question is would you be able to exist with a fake identity or maneuver through countries as another person. Again, would you know how to maintain or access a bank account under a fake name without being caught?

Think about it from the viewpoint of a car. You are disappeared and driving down a remote stretch of highway. The car breaks down, you lift the hood and stare at the engine. You have no clue to the problem. Basically you can drive a car but you cannot fix a car. In the disappear world that is equal to buying a fake identity and walking through customs and not knowing if the identity will get you to your destination.

My suggestion is to think beyond the 250 How to Disappear steps. Think beyond playing Jason Bourne, James Bond and Whitey Bulger. However, do ask yourself, if you are not the Sun Tzu of your disappeared world, then who are you?

Frank M. Ahearn: www.FrankAhearn.com


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