Fear Not The Deception

I always say there is no delete button on the internet and the only way to combat online information is through the use of deception. This is true because the only other option is to bounce information down the search engines. Unfortunately, when you bounce something, it comes right back up!

When people contact me, they seem to think I have a magical delete button or the ability to hack Google. I do not. After a client bares their soul and I think about the situation. I create a plan of action, which is always loaded with cool acts of deception to fix what is broken. After the reveal, a look or sound of shock occurs from the client.

For some odd reason the idea of utilizing deception falls uneasy with potential clients. However, after realizing there is no other option, they adhere to the ways of Frank. Deception is a common occurrence in all of our days. We hear it on the news, we see it in advertisements, lawyers live by it, politicians run on it and even we spout a little white lie here and there.

I say fear not the deception and embrace its power to heal!

Frank M. Ahearn
Author of: The Little Black Book of Skip Tracing


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