Know The Foe!

If you are in a situation where you are dealing with a predator or other type of adversary, you must embrace the idea of Know the Foe! This is not to say you should become your very own private detective and go snooping or sit surveillance on their home or business. Definitely not, leave such actions to a professional. This type of DIY could get you hurt or even worse. Always be smart in your strategy and think of potential outcomes.

Know the Foe means, a detailed profile of the adversary. Unfortunately, most assume this means a gathering of online data and databases. This has it purpose but tells your nothing of the subject. Databases and data are historical, the question is, what is happening with the predator in the here and now.

Think about where your predator lives, works, cars he or she drives. Think about their finances, travel ability, their reach and living flexibility. Think about the connections they may have in their business world. Think outside of the databases, think how extreme they are or could become.

Frank M. Ahearn
Author of: The Art of Disappearing, According to Sun Tzu’s, Art of War!


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