The Luck of Disappearing

There is no sure way of disappearing, sometimes disappearing is a simple crap shoot and luck rules the game. Not a very comforting thought, if you plan on pulling the trigger and have read all the how to books. Even more unfortunate is you cannot depend on luck because it works both ways, in your favor and your predators. When you think about it luck is really on your predator’s side.

So… What is the point of telling you this and writing about the fortunate and misfortune of luck in the disappear world? Simple, to keep you aware and make you realize that no matter how perfect the plan there is always that chance things can crash and burn. It’s like the first plot point of a movie. The main character is living a good life and then he is framed for murder. Being disappeared is the same, you are living your life in Fiji and boom! The wrong person, newspaper article or nosy neighbor blows you out of the water. It isn’t Miller time but got to run time!

Then the next question is will you run or find a new patch of land to hide. This is one of those disappearing biblical questions or great debates that have no true solution. Actually it is one of those things that just is… Being on the run can keep you one step ahead and being stationary can keep you off the grid. Then again, being on the move creates a lot of digital footprints and being in one place can make you a sitting duck. Perhaps the solution is, in which scenario do you feel the luckiest.

Frank M. Ahearn

Author of The Art of Disappearing, According to Sun Tzu’s, The Art of War!


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