Humans The Fodder of Brand Advertisng

There are two of us! There is the digital that floats around the internet like lost puzzle pieces trying to connect to infinity and then there are the particles of information that still dwell motionless in the bricks and mortar. The war of privacy is fought on both terrains but soon the battlefields will converge and a new war of independence will call out. Perhaps it is happening already with groups like Anonymous, WikiLeaks, and other brave souls who have sacrificed their freedom for a greater cause, even if that cause is not yet fully defined or socially clear.

Who we are as a physical society and what we are about to become will be worlds away. The self we once knew will be replaced by connecting our identities to forms of brand advertising on the internet. To a degree, there is a social control occurring, a readying of people in to pens to mold them into a society where they become slaves to connect. This for the purposes of furthering the profits of corporations and furthering the digital profiles for governments. Puppets for what I call The Dark They.

Most know The Dark They are there and most ignore, their vampire like sucking of our information. Maybe this is digital form of McCarthyism, who knows but the masses seem to be okay with drinking the Kool-Aid. There are countries that slow down the speed of the internet to slow down the delivery of Western information. Yes, a form of censorship, however, maybe we should take heed, censor ourselves and slow down the delivery of our information.

Frank M. Ahearn
Author of: The Little Black Book of Skip Tracing


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