Become a Privacy Expert

Today I have been thinking about the idea of hiding in plain sight. Actually trying to define what hiding in plain sight truly is, in the disappear world., shows hiding in plain sight as: be unnoticeable, by staying visible in a setting that masks presence. I guess it means to be a wall flower, an easy feat to accomplish at a party but to do so with a predator on your tail not so easy.

Then, I searched hiding in plain sight and clicked on wikiHow. The first suggestion was to not look inconspicuous and hide your distinctive looks. Number two on the list is to dress yourself down. Followed by a not so brilliant, apply camouflage when appropriate. A close runner up to stupidity, is to leave the accessories at home. Then an absurdity follows, groom yourself without style. Well, the bunk goes on and on, however, this was not the only junk available to the want to disappear community.

Maybe the question here is not so much can you hide in plain sight but can you trust what you read about how to disappear. Take my own strategies: Misinformation, deviating the known information, Disinformation, creating bogus trails and Reformation, getting from point A to point B and not letting the worlds connects. These are useful tactics, but I am skilled at them because they are part of my daily life. In addition, I know how to tailor what to which client. Perhaps the solution is to accurately identify which privacy information is useful and how to apply that information like an expert. Working with clients and assisting them in becoming their own privacy expert has been my recent focus.

Before I close I do want to give my thoughts about hiding in plain sight. Truthfully, if you are living in a place where people exist that is hiding in plain sight. If you are living off the grid and in the woods, that is not hiding in plain sight. I think the reference of hiding in plain sight means living in the vicinity of the people, place or thing you have left. Is this wise, who knows. That depends on who you disappeared from and why. This can only be answered by you and this should only be decided after you have become your very own privacy expert.

Frank M. Ahearn

Author of: The Digital Hit Man His Weapons for Combating the Digital World


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