The Paranormal of How to Disappear

In conversation the other day someone commented that I must lead a super exciting life. In truth, I spend most of my days in Starbucks sipping lattes, slamming away on my keyboard and doing phone consultations. To a degree, I am more of a how to disappear counselor than a disappearoligist. Meaning, I spend more time talking about disappearing than actually disappearing people. This new way of doing business has opened a strange new door.

Most of the people I have assisted are no different than you. They had normal lives, jobs and loved ones. The difference is something catastrophic came into or occurred in their life and the only solution was to disappear. From a business perspective this is pretty cut and dry. I researched the client’s life, decided where to disappear them, created disinformation and boom, client disappeared.

However, a change has taken place and a new client base has evolved. Last week was not the first time I heard of the shadow men in the driveway or the government listening in on conversations through vents. There are those who believe that the conspiracies are real. There are those who believe dark forces exist and are hunting them. There are those who believe Big Brother is spying on them specifically. There are those who believe things you and I find unimaginable. What does one believe these days, with invasive technology and government intrusion? They actually do things that are quite unimaginable. Lately, I feel like Dr. Disappear to individuals who have paranormal issues. Oh well, I am off to Starbucks!

Frank M. Ahearn
Author of: The Art of Disappearing: 199 Essential Privacy and Disappearing Tips


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