The Art of Disappearing According to Sun Tzu’s The Art of War

Enclosed is an excerpt from Book II: Waging War (unpublished)

Disappearing is a war of freedom and nothing more. This is not a war where you meet on a battle field or where you fight to conquer an enemy. There must never be a face-to-face confrontation because such a situation can put you in a capture. The battlefield is always in your head and your weapons are tactics and maneuvering. This is waging war in the world of disappearing.

Waging War is about the structure of the disappear. How will you earn money and how will you access your money without being traced? Whose name will your home be listed under, including all the services within the home. Waging War is building your fortress and not being seized. This is only one side of waging war, your predator is out there and waging war to locate you. Therefore, when you read think about the information from both sides, you as the hunter and you as the prey. Be both, one in the same. This will allow you to recognize potential issues that could be a downfall.

In Book One: Laying Plans, I focused on the theme of connections and how connections are the downfall in disappearing. The second downfall of disappearing are the dangers in the world around you. This would be random chance, an inquisitive neighbor or being in the wrong place at the wrong time. In Waging War, keep the word seize in the forefront of your thoughts. While you exist in a disappear state you must avoid a seize situation. This means, the daily walk from your supermarket to your home could make you vulnerable and create a seize situation.

Frank M. Ahearn

Author of: The Art of Disappearing, According to Sun Tzu’s, Art of War: Book One: Laying Plans


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