How to Disappear Now!

If you had to disappear right here, right now what would you do? Would you hit the airport, bus station or drive off in your car? What wouldn’t you do? Go home, go to the bank or call family? Imagine that the need to disappear is urgent, your life and your freedom depends on this moment now.

Perhaps you planned well and stashed a walk-away bag (money, ID). What if that has been compromised? What if all disappear plans have been exposed? How do you react, how do you take action? Reacting is dangerous and your reactions can be anticipated by a predator. Create your actions not as a reaction based upon the scenario you were forced into but change the dynamics of your whole disappear strategy.  Perhaps you walk or hitch a ride out of town, you do something unexpected.

Your stalker will know certain anticipations about your reaction. You need to identify these ideas and not walk into them. The stalker may know of your friend across town, or the small private office you rented to plan the great escape. Think of the predator as being a mind reader who knows all. Nothing is safe, nowhere is safe – you must simply go with the clothes on your back and fall off the radar.

Going off the radar means you use nothing that can connect your identity. You do not rent a motel room or check into a hostel. You do not make any calls to anyone in your past. You couch surf or you sleep in a public space. You do not take public transportation but stick to the feet or hitching rides. You do not use anything that has an on or off button. You do not use anything that makes a connection, even a prepaid credit card. You must anticipate that all is compromised and nothing behind you is safe. The only course of action is to move forward and find a safe place to lay low. A safe place where you can re-plan your disappearance.

There here and now disappear puts you in the hunt. Your goal is to get out from the cross-hairs as quick as possible.

Frank M. Ahearn

Author of: The Art of Disappearing: 199 Essential Privacy and Disappearing Tips


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