Co-Existing With Intrusion

My philosophy of privacy has drastically changed and the exiting of the how to disappear business has finally become a reality. The idea of spending the next ten years creating deception for the purpose of disappearing people or solving digital problems no longer works for me. Even further, talking about disappearing has become a struggle because I no longer believe in the work. This is not to negate the validity of the disappearing tools I created but to say that I believe there is a different approach to privacy.

We must prepare for what is to come because technology is growing smarter. The extracting of our information, movements and connections is what technology is perfecting. Call it the rise of the machines or standard operating procedure. With that said, perhaps extreme disappearing, deception and digital disaccord will not be the correct tools to use for combat. Or even, maybe combating is not the solution either.

The idea of co-existing with intrusion and footprints have become primary in my thoughts. Not in the surrender but in the rise of accepting. Like that of a Digital Nomad who gives up a little bit of privacy to exist in their own idea of freedom. If anything, disappearing is about freedom and freedom should be a dream, not an escape. I recognize that this idea is not a possibility for all but then again, disappearing is not for all.

I will continue to offer consultation for the next few months.

Frank M. Ahearn

Author of: The Art of Disappearing: 199 Essential Privacy and Disappearing Tips


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