The Enslaved Bohemian

Most of the people I encounter are at an in between place in life. Typically, they stand on a foundation of disappointment. Many have worked hard and created a life they once believed in, while other have been unable to achieve the life they desire. What they all have in common is a feeling of being shackled to their existence.

In the past, when these “new-life” people contacted me, I was suspect of their motives. To a degree, I ignored this group thinking a truth was being withheld. Wrongly, I blew them off and I suggested they take an extended vacation. Not very kind on my part. I only looked at disappearing from the extreme.

However… A predator is a predator, some hurt people and some harass. It is possible for a life to be a predator. Think about it, a predator can enslave a person, just as a job, unhappiness, or the feeling of having no hope. These are experiences many of us have felt one time or another. Life should be a dream, not a nightmare, life should be beautiful and not an escape!

Sometimes a personal inventory is needed, an honest self-reflection. Is it me or is it the work? Is it me or my mate? How am I responsible for the life I am living? What do I need to do to change life? Can life be changed? If such a change means disappearing, is there happiness across the rainbow? Just because you walk away from your old life there are no guarantees that your new life will be all that. Trust me I know!

My plan when I moved to Europe was to write the next, A Moveable Feast. Instead, I spent the past two years hanging in cafes, talking and writing about disappearing. Not such a bad thing but not exactly the plan when I hopped on a plane from JFK.  In a weird sort of way, I feel like an enslaved bohemian.

What I have come to realize is back in New York, I placed blame on everything but myself and I believed bolting to Europe would solve all. What I have come to discover is I have been enslaved by the security of the disappear world.

Maybe honesty must rule before disappearing is considered or acted upon.

Frank M.Ahearn

Author of: The Little Black Book Of Skip Tracing: Creating Pretext, Mastering Social Engineering And Finding Anyone Anywhere


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