Dreams & Freedoms Change

I have always stated that, not everyone can disappear! There are realities that can prevent a departure, mainly money and much of the time nerve. Dreaming is easy but doing it takes work, planning and boldness. Not everyone who wishes to disappear will disappear. There is a select value in those who pull the rip cord, be it adventurer or seeker of personal freedom. And in many you will discover a salting of desperation. Real freedom is not easy, the road can be solitary, confusing and much of the journey dark. But don’t we all push for the light at the end of the tunnel?

A harsh reality is that dreams and freedoms change, this is no doubt the ways of the world. Those who own prosperity and comfort can lose it all in a political change. Most of my client base is European, however a shift is taking place and Americans who fear are now thinking about disappearing. They are questioning if the freedoms and ideals they knew so well will become obsolete. Even Rome fell!

A few I have spoken with will ride out the storm. Others have a darker picture of the American dream and feel that it does not include themselves. They now seek a place where there is less judgment and more acceptance. There is no promised land but there are ways of existing under the radar and not being part of society. They are becoming Virtual Entities, Digital Nomads and are using technology to serve themselves instead some Mad Caesar!

I stand corrected, anyone can disappear!


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