H2D From Big Brother – Chapter Three

Chapter: Big Brother – Big Business

When George Orwell wrote 1984 and coined the phrase BIG BROTHER I believe he specifically meant government. However, BIG BROTHER is more than government; BIG BROTHER is also BIG BUSINESS. When you look at the two entities side by side, you will see there is not much difference in their agenda. BIG BROTHER charges a fee to be a citizen. BIG BUSINESS charges a fee to utilize its services.

Perhaps you are thinking that Google, Facebook and other such entities do not charge a fee but they do. They are all digital dope fiends feeding off your personal and sometimes private information. Have you ever wondered why an app you download needs your physical location. Sure GPS app makes sense but a silly game. Apps are nothing but wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Popular graffiti on the internet are the big bold letters offering free background searches, free criminal searches and other hyperbolic information. It is all public record information used by BIG BUSINESS to turn a buck. The problem happens to be there is no responsibility in the resale of information. BIG BUSINESS does not care if Linda White is a victim of a stalker and that selling her information can place her in danger. However, that is capitalism at its corporate cold hearted finest!

Many of these types of database sites are selling bankruptcy records, liens, death records, family connections, old phone numbers and other information junk. Some of this junk can make our lives miserable. Unfortunately, with the internet today, there is no refuge from past mistakes, the internet is unkind and BIG BUSINESS does not seem concerned that all this regurgitated data only helps to propagate your mistakes. Capitalism has no heart, soul or conscience; it is business as usual on the internet.

The way I see it, there is not much difference between BIG BROTHER and BIG BUSINESS they both thrive one way or another off your information. They both collect information and utilize to their advantage. Think about the software that BIG BROTHER uses to spy on Americans and the rest of the world. BIG BUSINESS creates a good amount of the software. It is obvious that BIG BROTHER and BIG BUSINESS have no problems developing and utilizing spy software against its citizen. No one seems to be put out of business, arrested or fired for spying on American citizens, quite odd and seriously disturbing.

No matter how you slice it BIG BUSINESS is selling us out, our privacy and freedom are available for profit. The idea of citizenship is wonderful but we pay a high a price to be a citizen. Oh, wait I forgot, freedom is not free. Be it taxes paid to BIG BROTHER or cost of services to BIG BUSINESS. We are now paying a “digital tax” via our private information. The worst part of the digital tax is both entities freely stick their creepy hands in our pockets and grab at will.

Always remember the surveillance tools of BIG BROTHER are sometimes the creation of BIG BUSINESS. The free surfing and social sites offered online are the beginning of human/social profiling.

I like to believe that I am not a conspiracy theorist or overly paranoid but when companies request information from user that has nothing to with the website, software or app it is suspect. It must be treated as suspect.

We are at the doorway to losing all privacy and if we do nothing, there will come a time when every American company will supply information on their users to the government. Perhaps that is currently happening. Be aware in your daily life that you are not only disappearing from BIG BROTHER but BIG BUSINESS too.

I am tired of people saying. “If you have nothing to hide it should not matter.” Well that is not true. Privacy matters even if you have nothing to hide. I do not want BIG BROTHER or BIG BUSINESS to know who I speak with, who I email, when I travel, what type of car I rent, who and what I text. It is simply none of their business! Where is freedom and democracy in all of this madness? Is the Thought Police now real.

BIG BROTHER and BIG BUSINESS are obviously partners in crime and they wash each other’s dirty hands. Think about it, who does the government bailout in times of crisis, certainly not the citizens of the country but its collaborator BIG BUSINESS. When was the last time the government tossed a bone your way when life came crashing down? When was the last time BIG BUSINESS contacted you and said not to worry about the next two months bills they will pay them?

BIG BUSINESS gets huge tax breaks, average income citizens do not! From the way I see it, it appears that BIG BROTHER caters to the way of BIG BUSINESS and little citizen simply foots the bill and puts up with the inequity. Oh, I forgot you could write your congressional representative. BIG BROTHER is BIG BUSINESS and BIG BUSINESS is BIG BROTHER!

When you think about who you are, disappearing from part of it is information controlled by BIG BUSINESS. Think phone records, bank records, airline records, Facebook, Blogs, news websites, Google, email hosts and every other record or posting you have no control over. We have all walked and left a footprint with these companies. Some services free and some we paid for. We may stop using their services but they will never stop using our information.

To a degree, BIG BROTHER is a conceptual idea that represents any entity that uses information for control. BIG BROTHER and BIG BUSINESS are the EVIL TWINS and one in the same. The services that are free and the ones you pay for are offered by BIG BUSINESS will ultimately end up in the sticky fingers of BIG BROTHER. It will happen either through spying or BIG BUSINESS selling or freely handing over your information to BIG BROTHER.

The lesson here is to think of everything in your world as an extension of BIG BROTHER. To spell it out, if you press enter, send or download most likely some sticky finger analyst in a suit will be analyzing the footprint you left behind.

This vulture like way of investigating only brings us to a place where BIG BROTHER will anticipate crime, the Thought Police in action. I know it sounds crazy but so was the idea of a Dick Tracy cell phone watch. Anticipation of… is only a step below conspiracy.

I talk a lot about reinventing ones privacy. I believe we need to exist with the mindset that there is always a third party taking part in our life. If you talk on a cell phone, text, email or sit on a bus chatting with a friend always keep in mind that there is a third party shadowing you. This can assist with the idea of thinking responsibly before you speak text or email.

To disappear and go dark from BIG BROTHER you would actually need to put down all of your electronics and not participate in any digital exchange. You would need to exist in a place that has no street surveillance. You could not have any credit cards, utilities or earnings in your name. However to be fully off the gird one would need to live on Gilligan’s Island or Walden’s Pond at the very least.

The Gilligan’s Island life does not sound so bad but I will pass on the Thoreau woodsy living. In all truth, what type of life is that? For me that is not freedom and nowhere near the idea of freedom. Disappearing in general and disappearing from BIG BROTHER should be about freedom. It should not be necessary to live like Jeremiah Johnson when wanting to disappear.

Disappearing is Freedom from Oppression!

Author of: The Little Black Book Of Skip Tracing: Creating Pretext, Mastering Social Engineering And Finding Anyone Anywhere



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