How to Disappear – The Virtual Entity

CHAPTER FOUR: How to Disappear from Big Brother

Imagine it is a Friday night, and a teenager at a school dance makes the mistake of asking the bully’s girlfriend to dance. The bully finds out and the teen is soon to be dead meat. The next few days the bully tries hunting the teen down but the teen avoids capture by not leaving any footprints to trace.

The following week the teen is delivering pizza and as he pulls up to the house that ordered the pie, he discovers it is the home of the bully. He knows that ringing the doorbell leads to the losing of his teeth and not delivering the pizza results in teenage unemployment. The question is, how can the teen go about delivering the pizza without getting beat up? Ideally, it would be best to go back to the pizza shop and have another delivery person make the delivery but the teen cannot do that.

The answer is quite simple. The teen rolls up to the schoolyard and convinces another teen to deliver the pizza for the tip money. The bully gets the pizza, the pizza shop gets the money, the schoolyard teen gets the tip and our teen keeps his teeth.

This simple analogy is exactly what people who disappear deal with each moment of their day. Think about the society we live in, the digital surveillance, the cell phone surveillance and the camera surveillance in public and private places. We typically assume only BIG BROTHER has access to these databases, however, that is untrue. A private investigator with a good source or a skip tracer (finds people) with a good pretext (lie) can access private information.

People who disappear tend to rush into or not think through the process of disappearing and such is usually their downfall. Disappearing is more than going from point A to point B. It is about evolving into a Mr. Anonymous of vanishing and embracing a mindset and philosophy of a VIRTUAL ENTITY. Virtual Entities have no connections to anything physical.

In the pizza teen example, ringing the bully’s doorbell would create a connection between the teen and bully. In the world of disappearing, the doorbell represents anything and everything digital. The minute you press a button, be it send, enter or download, you have created a connection. All connections are traceable.

We have reached an unfortunate milestone in our digital society. That milestone has introduced the obsolete of the delete button. The internet/website button may read delete but it does not actually delete your information from a company’s database. Do not believe the word delete, it is a lie!

My new disappear strategy focuses on controlling and breaking CONNECTIONS. Again, think about the buttons you press, enter, send, download, sign on, sign off, add to cart, enter name and every other button or space you type into on your computer or phone. They all connect us to something and that connection leaves a digital trail.

Virtual Entity = Not Being Connected!

The words prepay and cash somewhat conjures up the notion of anonymity. However, there is only partial truth that prepaid and cash creates anonymous use. If you place a call with a pay as you go cell phone, your identity is unknown to the phone carrier and maybe even the caller. However, if you were the one who walked into the store and purchased the cell phone with cash, you created a connection to the cell phone. The transaction at the register connects you via the surveillance camera. There is nothing anonymous about that prepaid cellphone.

How many times have you seen the news showing a murderer caught on tape walking out of a hardware store with a shovel or chainsaw? Think about the connections you create during your disappear process. Ask yourself if you are carrying a shovel or chainsaw for the world to see.

To disappear and become a virtual entity one must begin to remove one’s self from connections. You can achieve this by way of third party. The idea is to have others make the connection for you. Better, a third party being discovered then you.

Think Third Party!

The process of disappearing and becoming a Virtual Entity becomes a little more difficult with the basic needs of life. To survive in society we need to have money, food and shelter. All three require a degree of exchange. That exchange typically means providing your name, address and sometimes a social security number. Without money, there is no food unless you panhandle or eat in food kitchens. You must supply your information in most socially contracted situations.

The reality is no one wants to disappear and eat in food kitchens, dumpster dive, sleep in alleyways or homeless shelters. That would just be a drag. Do note homeless shelters are not safe places to hide and living on the streets can make you prime pickings for the words, papers, papers please.

Prior to planning your disappearance from BIG BROTHER or any other predator, you need to figure out how you can exist like a Virtual Entity and have no connections that can blow you out of the water. Such connections are an apartment lease, electric service, credit cards, mobile phone, non-offshore bank account and anything else that requires your actual name, identifiers and physical location. Virtual Entities never enter into these types of contracts that can identify where they physically exist. One can use a third party or a corporation.

Begin thinking about the needs you have in your life and how you can go about obtaining such needs without connecting directly to the service. Be like the pizza delivery teen and figure out how not to push the button yourself. Always think about how you can manipulate technology or BIG BUSINESS and control your connections in order to control your digital footprints.

I want to be clear when I use the word connection I mean online, offline, digital and non-digital connections. Taking a bus to an internet café is an offline and online connection. However, if you used your monthly bus pass to ride the bus to go to the internet café you created an offline connection. The monthly bus pass will show that you boarded a bus at Broadway and 96th Street. The bus surveillance camera will show you exiting the bus on 57th Street. Next, a street surveillance camera will spot you walking into an internet café. The internet café has a surveillance camera that records you entering and using a computer. The internet café has your surfing history. Connections and footprints go beyond the computer screen.

The bus is an offline connection you created in a physical manner. You could control the connection by walking or paying with cash. If there is a camera on the bus, it will not connect you to your bus pass and create an identification. He who controls the connection controls the footprint!

When you are conducting your disappear research think about connections in the online and offline sense. At the internet café, did you accidentally pay with a credit card? Will a predator find the internet café because it is geographically close to you? Did you take a receipt from the cashier after you used the internet café and leave that receipt for someone to discover?

Frank M. Ahearn
Author of: The Little Black Book of Skip Tracing


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