How to Disappear 123

CHAPTER SIX — How to Disappear from Big Brother

Three questions you need to ask. Where will you go? How will you earn a living? Will it be safe?

Some say money is the root of all-evil but that is untrue in the disappearing world. The lack of money is the evil in the disappearing world. Again, where will you go? How will you earn a living? Will it be safe?

People ask me where is the ideal land of disappear; unfortunately there is no one place that is best or right. We all have different needs. Some people can work from their kitchen table and others need bricks and mortar ruled by geography. Some people are as healthy as can be and other people need to be near specific medical facilities. Some can acclimate in foreign lands and others cannot. True paradise is acquiring what we need. Only you can create your paradise. No book, video or expert can make the decision for you.

Go Short Term But Think Long Term!

When you find that patch of land you want to disappear to, I suggest not renting an apartment for a year but take a two or three month rental. The best rentals are vacation rentals and are typically less expensive than subletting a house or an apartment. Moreover, all utilities are included in the fees and there is nothing in your name but the agreement between you and the person renting you the property. No deposit is necessary.

It is risky to disappear and be one hundred percent sold that the place you are disappearing to, is the place you are going to end up. You could be there two months and hate the city.

If you have a three-month rental, you can split in thirty days and take a small pinch on the money. If you are in a rental for a year, you could lose a lot of green.

In some countries, you may need to pay twelve months of rent in advance for an apartment. Never put yourself in that situation. If BIG BROTHER or your stalker arrives at the door, you could be out mucho dollars.

The internet has created a world of snoops and amateur detectives. It is likely that the person you are renting from will search your name and email address online. Therefore, you will want to create a cover story or backstory the property owner or real estate agent will find about you.

Therefore, before you walk off into the disappearing sunset you must prepare for the internet detectives, “blaggers” and “social twits” you encounter in disappear-land. Internet detectives are those who snoop online, blaggers have blogs and social twits have Twitter.

What social twits and blaggers have yet to realize is online followers, follow other followers to be followed. This is not to say that some do not provide informative and interesting content, just the majority do not. My biggest issue with blaggers and twits is they do not consider the privacy of those they blag and twit about, nor do most of them check sources for the accuracy of information.

For example, I rented an apartment in Munich and later that night I discovered a blog posting about me. The realtor/blagger posted on his blog that he met me and I rented one of his apartments.

The idiot had no clue what I was doing in the city and could have compromised my client. When requested he immediately removed the blog.

 Twit Responsibly! & Blag Responsibly!

When you are renting your apartment, you cannot tell the realtor not to search about you online. You cannot ask them not to twit or blag about you. This will only create more curiosity. Later that night the realtor will evolve into super sleuth and search you out online.

For this reason, you will need to create a cover story. Essentially, you want to lead the snoop to water and make them drink it. With some luck, they will choke on it. The game plan is to create content that is realtor and property owner friendly.

If there is anything you should know about me is, I am against the use of fake or stolen identities. The use of fake credentials only makes you ripe for law enforcement and is just plain stupid. Claiming to be a doctor, lawyer or any type of licensed professional is illegal. Be smart!

Frank M. Ahearn
Author of: The Little Black Book of Skip Tracing


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