How to Disappear – Go Bags

CHAPTER SEVEN – How to Disappear from Big Brother

I travel a lot and every new city I visit I try to set up a Go Bag. In some cities I have been able to accomplish all go bag contents and in other cities bits and pieces. Better to have bits and pieces then zero! Anytime you enter a foreign city you should set up a Go Bag.

What I do not understand about criminals or those who fake their death is most of them do not have a Go Bag filled with disappear gear or a real walk away plan. It is as if they committed the crime and never anticipated BIG BROTHER knocking on the door.

This is especially true for all the Wall Street swindlers who ripped off their clients. It is as if they thought the good times would never end. At the very least, you would think they would have a million bucks stashed in some small country with no extradition. Although, keep in mind no extradition does not mean you cannot not be extradited. You could become a chess piece traded back to your country for another person of interest.

Throughout the book, I will be writing about the disappearing failures who we have come to know and love because of the massive mistakes they have committed. Learn from their mistakes.

Frank M. Ahearn
Author of: The Little Black Book of Skip Tracing


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