How to Disappear – Fear the Buttons

CHAPTER EIGHT – How to Disappear from Big Brother

The idea behind being a Virtual Entity is being able to exist “in” society not outside of society. Outside of society be it a commune or deep in a cave with the enlightened ones. However, a commune is not a bad place to disappear.

I assume most people reading this needs or at very least wants access to the digital world, perhaps business, friends, family and even some tasteful porn. The trick is to figure how you can do these things without creating connections.

Disappearing and privacy has changed since the publishing of my first disappear book. In the past, I relied mostly on disinformation, misinformation and reformation. The strategy was to try to delete, manipulate or deviate personal information.

If the client’s home services were in the name of Frank M. Ahearn, I would deviate Frank to Hank and eventually Ahearn to Hearn. In addition, I would deviate the SS#, date of birth, contact numbers and employment. By the time I finished the current information was as abstract as a Picasso painting was. This was the tactic of Misinformation.

From there I would create massive amounts of Disinformation by making it appear the client disappeared to Toronto but actually, the client disappeared to Berlin.

This I accomplished via social media, making bogus phone calls to Toronto and emailing potential employers in Toronto. I purposely leaked information for the predator to find.

The last step of disappearing was Reformation, getting the client from point A to point B in a seamless fashion.

Disappearing people in the past was much easier. I only had to deal with mostly offline information like phone, electric and other database type records. There were minimal amounts of online information and social networking. Today it is much more difficult because information is at a maximum and easily located. In addition, every street you walk down and building you pass has a camera waiting to rat you out.

Fear the Buttons

I say fear the buttons. We click sign on in the morning, we press a button to read our email, we press, reply forward, send and delete.

When a call comes to our cell phone, we press the screen to communicate and then press the screen to end the call. To a large degree, our existence depends on the ability to press buttons. However, technology is perfecting voice activation.

Each touch of the button records our action. Before your finger makes a move ask if the action can trace to you, will the connection, get you captured or killed.

People often asked if it is possible to disappear in the digital age. The answer is yes if you know what you are doing. However, from experience, I have discovered most people do not know what they are doing when it comes to disappearing.

I receive emails from people claiming they need to disappear. They usually address the issue of how to delete their online information. They tend to think that ridding the internet of their information is the end all to their disappear problem. Nothing could be further from the truth. Information assists with locating a person’s where about but it is the physical information that proves their whereabouts.

Online information is only as accurate as its source. Online information can be untrue. The snoop searching for you needs to figure out how to decipher the truth before they move forward and act with the information.

Another question often asked, is it easier to disappear or more difficult to disappear in the digital age? I believe that it comes down to who is using the technology and who is disappearing. It is a chess game, no more, no less. Although those that have the larger budget do own the better odds in the game of hide and seek.

Way back when in my days of skip tracing (finding people) and pretext (lying to obtain information) I worked many crazy cases. Some were seriously dangerous and other outright illegal. Which ultimately brought an unwanted visit to my home; I did everything possible to hide my work and home locations.

This is when the idea of becoming a Virtual Entity popped in my head. My goal was to be able to live, work and not fear a bang on the door.

At first, I thought idea of being a Virtual Entity was being on the move and working out of coffee shops and internet cafes. I would spend an hour in one place and move on to another. The funny part is I never considered the possibility that my car GPS could identify my daily track.

I would spend one hour working on a computer in Hermosa Beach and then ride up to Santa Monica, locate another internet café and set up shop. I never allowed myself more than sixty minutes in one location. I never became friendly with the staff and always parked my car off street.

Then I Realized!

One afternoon I am in an internet café and I sign on to a subjects cell phone account and I hit the print button to print out several months of their phone bill.

After I hit print, I walk over to the printer and wait for the printing to begin. The sweet sound of paper shooting out is like the sound of the morning bell at the New York Stock Exchange.

As I am standing and watching the papers flood from the printer, I see the little screen on the printer display how many pages are to be printed and the current time. Then I look up at a very large round clock and next to the clock is a surveillance camera. Smile Frank.

That is when I realized that connections go beyond the computer screen. I created a physical connection from the downloading of the cell phone bills, to the printing and with the time. All caught on camera.

If the cell company sent an investigator to find out who printed the cell phone bill on Wednesday at 2:30 pm. They would have my shocked face staring at the eye in the sky. This was unsettling and unacceptable in my business. This event made me understand that being a Virtual Entity is someone who has no connections to anything physical.

It became standard operating procedure that everything I did I asked myself if I could be connected to whatever it is, I am doing. If the answer were yes, I asked myself how I could accomplish the same task without creating a link. This is how you must think.

If you are driving from point A to point B and you encounter a toll. Driving through the toll creates a physical connection. If you drive five miles around the toll, there is no connection.

You are probably thinking what if there is no other route around the toll. My answer to that is, you should have thought about that before arriving at the toll. The objective is to be Virtual Entity with peace of mind. No one wants to hear the word gotcha!

Frank M. Ahearn
Author of: The Little Black Book of Skip Tracing


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