How to Disappear – Go Where?

CHAPTER ELEVEN – How to Disappear From Big Brother

Now that we know BIG BROTHER is spying on the whole world, the magic question is how do we plan our disappearance without leaving a trace or not be connected to our footprints. Unfortunately, there is no magical answer. However, the tools I provide will assist you in stretching your connection and making it more difficult for your predator to find and follow you. Remember the belief in the untraceable only slips from the mouth of fools.

You wake up on Monday and it is time to begin your disappear research. Your first step is to go and pick up the disappear laptop and prepaid cell phone you previously stashed in your mail drop. You do not drive there because your car GPS tracks your movement. You leave your known cell phone at home or work, its GPS can track you. It is best to take public transportation and do not use your monthly transportation card to board the bus or train it can track you.

Convenience Captures!

When you leave your home, remember there is an unseen third party watching you. This third party is an enemy walking behind you, looking over your shoulder, tucked away in the technology you carry. This third party is the invisible enemy you cannot foresee and it has one goal, which is to know all about you.

You do not take the train or bus directly to your mail drop, mix it up a bit and shake the tail. Get off a few stops before or after the mail drop and walk.

Continuously ask yourself if you did something wrong or made a mistake and created a connection to the mail drop. If by chance, you run into someone you know do not go to the mailbox, take a few minutes and walk out of the area.

There are few surfing options available. Some buildings have public space and they offer free internet service. I have had success connecting to such services by standing near the door outside the building.

Some parks, malls and city spaces offer free service too. You can utilize these locations as long as your laptop does not have any identifiers. In Dublin and other cities, there are rows of restaurants that provide free internet. I have connected to them standing on the sidewalk and sitting parked in a taxi. Be aware of surveillance cameras, which can identify your face with the connection.

Another other option, which I like, is climbing on unsecured wireless around a cluster of residential buildings. Although, easier said than done. It can take a lot of hoofing through the streets to locate a connection.

If you are fortunate, enough not to live in the cornfields of Indiana there is another option. Prepaid internet wireless is available for purchase. This type of wireless you purchase the same way you purchased your phones. You have a THIRD PARTY enter the store and make the purchase.

Do not use all the wireless time on the prepaid internet service. When you get down to about ten minutes left leave the wireless hub with password for someone to find. Hopefully, the stranger will jump on the wireless, do some surfing, which can assist with digital dirt if your surfing is discovered.

I would suggest staying away from libraries. If I remember correctly, BIG BROTHER does not need a search warrant to obtain library records. Then again, it is not as if the government needs a warrant to do anything lately when it comes to our records.

If you plan to use an internet café, I would avoid certain ethnic locations. I do not want to be racist but I am sure BIG BROTHER monitors specific ethnicity over others.

Keep in mind that the owner keeps records of everything you do in an internet café. If you are searching for your disappear place in Latvia, do a little searching in the Ukraine and Lithuania to mix it up. 

The United States of Fearica is Watching You!

It is quite surreal sitting here writing a book about disappearing from BIG BROTHER. We truly arrived at a bizarre social place in the United States of Fearica. Who would have thought that the subpoena process has become a thing of the past?

BIG BROTHER is doing some evil deeds and it does not look as if they will be retreating anytime soon. What makes Fearica any different from East Germany in the days of the iron curtain? The Stasi spied on it citizens for the same reason the NSA spies on its citizens, to stop terrorism. Communism viewed capitalism as a form of terrorism too.

One of the problems with government is it does not always know what it is best for society or its citizens nor do they seem to listen when society shouts it had enough. McCarthyism and Prohibition were huge mistakes in Fearica history. I wonder if in fifty years if BIG BROTHER spying will be recognized as an evil act and social mistake.

When you are searching for a location to utilize the internet, ask yourself if BIG BROTHER can trace the connection. The answer is most likely yes, because the government spies on all its citizens. BIG BROTHER is probably not spying directly on Buck’s Internet Café but you should always operate with the mindset they are. However, the important question to ask is can you be identified with that particular connection. If the answer is yes, run. If the answer is no, all is good. The trick in the game is to avoid a connection to the trace.

Outsource Your Search

Another way to safely search online is to hire a friendly third party service or outsourcing service to do you internet searching and emailing. There are plenty of third party and outsourcing services online. Before you sign up for any services obtain a prepaid debit card and a disposable email account.

After you sign up for the service, you will have the opportunity to post the work or type of worker you need. In a matter of minutes, you will receive a dozen responses.

Before you hire an assistant, it is important to have a cover story to tell. You cannot tell them the truth that you are disappearing and you want them to create your digital footprints. Explain that you are relocating and you would like them to assist in searching information about the city.

The third party assistant can send the information you requested to an email you provide, or they can post the information on the outsourcing service website for you to review. I personally would go the posting route. Someone searching for you would need to know that you signed up for that third party service and then locate your third party assistant to track you down.

Do Not Be a White Guy!

If you are, a white guy like Frank M. Ahearn, do not sign up using an email address that appears to be from a white guy. Mix it up; sign up as Felix Reyes, Francois Beaumont, Gina Haynes, Edna Benitez, or Eddie Alvarez. If you are Vlad Vodka, be Peter Lima if you are Roveda Jacobs, be Colleen Brennan and have a little fun.

What I like about using third party services is the people you hire are from all different countries and speak multiple languages. If you want to disappear to Columbia, you will be able to locate a worker in Columbia. This is great since they can assist in advising you on the infrastructure. Never become too friendly or reveal your identity or motives to your third party assistant.

Frank M. Ahearn
Author of: The Little Black Book Of Skip Tracing: Creating Pretext, Mastering Social Engineering And Finding Anyone Anywhere


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