How to Disappear – What is Your Story?

CHAPTER TWELVE – How to Disappear from Big Brother

When you are living in your new patch of land and you meet the butcher, the baker and the vodka and orange juice maker you need to have a story to tell. It is natural for the people you meet daily to have a curiosity about you. You cannot tell them you are a victim of a stalker in hiding, running from the mob or disappearing from BIG BROTHER. Revealing the truth is nothing but dangerous.

When In Doubt Lie!

This chapter brings me to the story of Elvis Parsley who was a realtor by day and an Elvis freak by night. Elvis went looking for love and found his very own Pricilla on an online love site. The long distance love moved quickly and Pricilla shacked up with Elvis forty-five days later.

Not long into the cohabitation Elvis realized he had a lunatic on his hands and requested she go back to where she came from. Pricilla was having none of that. Elvis needed the help of the long arm the law to evict her from his home.

Forcibly removed from the home Priscilla had no intentions on leaving town. She immediately morphed from a graceful beauty to a wildebeest’s void of a soul. Priscilla took up residence in a motel, at the end of the road. She turned Elvis’s world upside down, wrecked his business and destroyed his nightlife as Elvis the karaoke master.

Elvis reached the point where he knew he was fighting a losing battle and needed some peace of mind. He figured getting out of dodge was his only hope.

When I met Elvis, my primary concern was his Elvis persona. He spent much of his time doing karaoke, trading memorabilia online and visiting conventions. That world needed to end but he resisted.

The unfortunate reality of disappearing is you need to leave the people and things you love in the dust. If you do not leave, habits and hobbies behind you, you will be located because of them. Everything behind you is a potential rat.

Elvis decided not to use my service and ultimately disappeared on his own. He dropped the Elvis act but kept the nickname. Not long into his disappearance a local reporter wrote about a charity event and the locals who supported the cause. The reporter mentioned Elvis in the article but instead of Elvis Parsley, it identified him as Elvis Jones, Jones being his real last name. It did not take Priscilla the crazed stalker long to arrive at his door. I guess Elvis may have left the building but Priscilla followed.

Be aware of your environment and assess all aspects of your situation. Who and what can be a threat to your freedom. Elvis should have never let his photo and name become part of a news article. He could have made up an excuse that he had a phobia of getting his picture taken. Then walk to the other side of the room. As crazy, as it sounds’ claiming a phobia is better than doing nothing at all. Always have a story or excuse in your hip pocket.

A backstory is a simple mis-identification tool a disappeared person creates to avoid the truth. When you meet new people, the curiosity comes alive and they want to know information about you. Where are you from, what you do for a living, married, divorced, rich, poor and so forth? This is the foundation of building relationships. If you want to survive in your new world and create some sort of life, you need a story to tell. Being the strange loner in town or the oddball neighbor only creates curiosity.

How to Lie With a Lie in Your Hip Pocket!

Now comes the story of a Darla who had some local fame in her hometown. Darla fell in with the wrong crowd and landed on the outs with her mental case boyfriend. Darla knew it was time to get out of town before she met with an unfortunate ending.

The issue with Darla was she happened to be popular on the music scene and so she needed to avoid that life. She also sported a retro Joan Jett look, which she did not feel comfortable changing. Keeping the Joan Jett style and moving to a small town in Iowa was unrealistic. She would have stuck out like black on white rice and become the curiosity of the neighborhood.

I had to address the issue of her minor claim to fame. The concern being, what if someone recognized her and approached her. A situation like this could become problematic. Imagine someone posting on Facebook that the Joan Jett look-a-like singer was in the Des Moines mall buying or selling lipstick.

After changing her style a bit we discussed the recognition issue. I felt it was best not to deny that she was Darla who sang on the stage but to switch up the conversation immediately. Instead she would claim that she was her own doppelganger and admit she knows who Darla is and it is freaky they look so much alike. It is risky but I believe that sometimes it is better to engage then deny and walk away. The hope is that it defuses the curiosity.

I had Darla use a different first name and profession in her new life. If a person from her new world asked what she did for a living, she explained that she is a style consultant and works with Eastern European musicians. I built a detailed website with a reasonable amount of social media to make the information appear real. Darla carried business cards with contact and website information.

Darla picked a stylist background and Eastern Europe geography because she toured there for a few months and felt comfortable chatting about that world. If someone in her new world looked Darla/Tina up online, they would find the website I created about Darla and her business. This helped to satisfy the curiosity in her new circle.

When creating a lie it is best to do so with points of reference. If you are telling a lie about Belize, at least watch a movie or read a book about the country.

Study your backstory! You will look like a super dumb ass and a liar if you do not know what you are discussing. The best lies derive from threads of truth.

In the fine art of pretext (lying), I utilize point of reference lying. I grab from various truths in my life and capitalize on the information I know. When pretexting on the phone I would talk about places I have been to read about or seen on TV. I would talk about the beach or how beautiful Cuba is and the amazing sunsets there. I have never been to Cuba but I have been to the beach and watched the sun go down.

When in Doubt Be Cool, Be Zen and Lie!

If a mall meeting happens, there could be a breach in your disappearance. The person you met could have twitted about you, which could be an issue. With some luck, they do not but you need to find out. Most important in your information recon is you never, ever, never, ever, ever, never, search your name online, never!

Searching your name online could walk you into a trap. In an upcoming chapter, I will tell you about someone who faked his death, searched his name online and walked into a trap.

If you happened to fake your death, remember do not create digital footprints and connect yourself to the search. You have someone else do the search. Take a long bus ride, and contact your third party source and email them instructions that for the next thirty days they are to search your name every day. Avoid telling your third party you are the subject of the search. Always keep your distance.

Each day your third party assistant will search the net for the information you requested. If they get a hit, instruct the assistant to copy and paste the information on to the third party website. You do not want to click the link. What is important too is to let the third party assistant think you are a writer writing a story or you are searching for a friend. This will ease their curiosity.

An alternative way of receiving your information is to have the outsourcing company fax the information to a virtual fax number that you forward to a public fax or to a disposable email address.

If You Click The Link, You Will Sink!

Unless you are living in a shack in Maine or a cave in Tibet, you will run into people daily. The people you run into will be part of your circle. They will come to recognize your face. If you want to avoid the circles, you can do the spy thing and never visit the same place twice but that can be a difficult way to live. It is better to have a good back-story.

What you want to do with peoples curiosity is to control where they search. This is why for the tenth time I am saying you need a back-story. Not just a story you tell but also a backstory the people in your circle can confirm. Better to have the snoop find Frank M. Ahearn fashion photographer then Frank M. Ahearn privacy expert.

Who Are You Website

Just like Darla had a website about her fake employment. You are going to create a WHO ARE YOU website. This website will be a site you can share with the people in your new circle. This way when you are sipping drinks on Anton Martin in Madrid and the barkeep becomes friendly. You can slip him a card with your website information and satisfy the hombre’s curiosity.

I cannot stress the fact enough that your background should be something you know about. It should never be a direct hobby from your previous world. If you were on the bowling team in Spokane or London, you do not want to pose as a professional bowler. The two worlds of past and present could collide.

You could be derivative and claim you sell shoelaces for bowling shoes. If that is your back-story, build a website all about shoelaces for bowling shoes. The back-story should be developed and live on the internet before you go.

Say you decided to be consultant with Skul-Tryon LLC. On http://www.SkulTryon.ccc you will create two owners, Thomas Skul and Melissa Tryon. Each will have nice bios and there will be detailed information about the company and services. Do not post your photo or photos you have taken. Pictures of you can be located via sites like The photos you have taken could be Geotagged.

Wiki – A geotagged photograph is a photograph, which is associated with a geographical location by geotagging.

IMPORTANT, do not include your name on the website; your predator will locate you! This website is to establish a back-story in your new world. Company websites do not list all employees so do not list your name.

You could have the title Director of Sales with an email address only using your initials FA@,DirestorofSales. This is the email address on your new business card.

For the website phone number use a virtual number or cheap answering service. Make the background of the company deep with a lot of social and digital information.

SOCIAL: Each of the executive names on your website should have a Facebook account, LinkedIn account and other social accounts. This will make the backgrounds look more realistic also create a few husbands, wives and fake Facebook friends for your coworkers.

NOTE: Facebook and Gmail request phone numbers to confirm identity and will send you a text code. Use your prepaid cell phone and change the number to use again. Other sites request a phone number but do not send a text code, provide them with a bogus cell phone number and all will be good. Note many prepaid cell companies let you change your cell number up to five times before charging. Consider this before buying your phones. After you used the cell phone number to set up the accounts dump the phone and SIM.

Never Provide a Phone Number That Can Connect You!

BLOG: Have a little fun and create blogs about your bogus company. You can even include some press releases about the company. The idea is to make the company appear legitimate and have a reasonable online presence. If you cannot write, locate a similar type company and copy their blogs but change all identifiers.

When you purchase your domain name, it is important to use a bogus name and email address when registering. The reason for this is when the domains expires the name you provided will be associated with the account.

Frank M. Ahearn
Author of: The Little Black Book Of Skip Tracing: Creating Pretext, Mastering Social Engineering And Finding Anyone Anywhere

Keep in mind, we exist in an instantaneous society where all is available at our fingertips. To a degree, we expect information on the people we meet to be readily available to satisfy curiosity. When information is not available, we become more curious and that curiosity is the danger in your life. People gossip and most of us at one point or another have played internet snoop. Therefore, it is important to dazzle them with some good deception.


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