How to Disappear – Virtual Target

CHAPTER FOURTEEN  How to Disappear from Big Brother

An excellent way to keep a predator off your tail is to create Virtual Targets. These are fake locations that make it appear you are in a city or have recently traveled through a city. Virtual Targets will create confusion and make it costly for the predator to pursue.

With Lady KGB, it was a piece of cake creating virtual targets for the predator to follow. Her predators most likely assumed that she would lay low for a while and then resort to prostitution to maintain an income. I exploited this thought process and posted photos and contact information of Lady KGB offering her salacious services in various cities.

My concern with Lady KGB’s predator was their deep pockets. There was no doubt in my mind that the pimps had access to some kick ass techie. In the Frank M. Ahearn world of disappearing never go toe to toe with a geek, the geek will win every time. Take the battle to the bricks and mortar and utilize deception.

I knew that each posting the predator located of Lady KGB a techie would try to search the origins of the posting. It was extremely important that Lady KGB had no connection with any of the internet postings. I utilize a third party service located in Laos. This way all of the posting came from a city not connected with Lady KGB. The predator had to decide if the leads were worth following. Either way it was a fine act of deception.

When you lay trails for a predator or BIG BROTHER to follow it is vital you do not do not accidentally leave a real trace in the mix. If you are using photos, phone numbers or email addresses ask yourself if there are leads in the content.

If you are in a situation, where you can utilize online ads or postings to further your cause take precautions. The advertisement photo that you use, confirm it does not have any real background identifiers? Perhaps taken in front of an identifiable street sign or a license plate to a car you rented. Maybe there is a billboard advertisement for a supermarket chain like Carrefour’s in Paris, Andorra 2000 in Andorra or Key Foods in New York.

You will need to use two different phone numbers in your bogus ad. One number is for opening the account and the second number is to post in the ad itself. In addition, if you are using prepaid cell phone numbers it is important they be from different carriers and with different area and city codes. Most important, if you do use prepaid cell phone numbers they should be numbers purchased by a third party from different locations. Last but certainly not the least the cell numbers you use should not have any identifiable or traceable numbers to you or your location.

For situations like this, I would use one burner phone, which is a prepaid cell phone used only one time. Then toss out the SIM and the phone. Do not be cheap always dump the phone too.

If you dial a phone number from a SIM card with a 212 area code and a model 051 Cell Phone there will be a connection between the SIM card and the 051 phone. The phone is traceable so burn it!

You will need two different email addresses for the advertisement. One email address is to open the account and the other email address is for the advertisement. Never open the email account yourself, always use a third party. If possible, use two different third parties in different countries.

Do not get seduced by curiosity and wonder if anyone made contact with the email or cell phone. Remember, curiosity kills! When you are creating what it is you need to create always think of it as a mystery. Imagine there are clues in your piece of work. You must play detective and find those clues that could lead to your discovery.

Frank M. Ahearn

Author of: The Little Black Book Of Skip Tracing: Creating Pretext, Mastering Social Engineering And Finding Anyone Anywhere


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