How to Disappear – New Identity

CHAPTER SIXTEEN – How to Disappear from Big Brother

There are three ways to obtain an identity (besides the one you are born with, of course). You can buy one, steal one or create one. What many people do not seem to realize, is that obtaining a fake identity in one of these ways is like searching for Bigfoot.

We have all heard the stories about the big hairy beast known as Big Foot, but we do not know anyone who has actually seen him. Imagine hanging out with your friends and the topic of Bigfoot comes up. One friend tells you he knows a guy who knows a guy, who can get you to see Bigfoot.

This intrigues you, so you arrange a meeting with this supposed Bigfoot connection. I know this sounds somewhat crazy but it is no different from meeting a potential connection to obtain a new identity.

Next thing you know, you are sitting in a bar in the middle of nowhere disguised with a fake mustache and glasses waiting for Mr. Bigfoot connection. Then it happens, Vinnie Boombotz arrives and dazzles you with stories about sightings of Bigfoot in Canada, Bigfoot in Ukraine, Bigfoot in Staten Island and in Sussex, New Jersey. Next Vinnie pulls out a few fuzzy photos– the blur looks like Bigfoot. The problem is you cannot tell if the photo is photo-shopped or real. Then Vinnie promises you he can get you to Bigfoot—it is just a question of the fee.

This, my friends, this is the moment of truth which will determine whether you’ve reached the age of reason or are simply still a dumb ass.

One of three things will happen:

  1. You get up and walk away.
  2. Vinnie rips you off.
  3. You are busted.

Perhaps you are thinking that there is a fourth possibility — namely, that the ID Vinnie is selling is, in fact, authentic. However, this fourth option does not exist because you have no way of verifying the credentials.

Could you determine the authenticity of Babe Ruth’s signature on a baseball just by looking at it? I would venture to say that 99.9% of us could not distinguish a real passport from an excellent fake. So, how do you plan to test the identity?

Types of Identity

New Identity 1: An identity created from scratch. This identity has a real birth certificate with a real social security number assigned to the identity. This type of identity one would get in the witness protection program. All I have to say about obtaining this type of identity is good luck.

Created Identity 2: This identity one creates from scratch, usually known as the Tombstone method. Which is walking in the graveyard, finding a child who died at a young age and obtaining their birth certificate. Very difficult to do these days but some still get away with it.

Fake Identity:  An identity made of all fake documents. These types of identities have bogus social security numbers and other unreal information assigned. They are good for subletting apartments and used for jobs off the book. This type of identity one would use for a quick flash.

Stolen Identity: An identity stolen from another. I find this to be the most dangerous of identities to use. There are so many questions that one needs to answer before using a stolen identity. If you are buying a stolen identity from Vinnie, you need to rely on him to tell you the truth about the identity.

1) Is it a real, fake, or a stolen identity?

2) Is the person still alive?

3) Is the person in prison?

4) Is the person wanted by law enforcement?

5) Does the person have any felony convictions?

6) Are there tax liens against the social security number?

7) Are others using the identity?

8)  Does the person owe back child support?

The questions could go on and I am sure Vinnie will be happy to answer all of them for you to put you at ease. Unfortunately, Vinnie is a criminal and not in the business of truth.

There are also a slew of books out there purporting to reveal “the secrets” to obtaining a new identity, but they are all crap. The authors who present these useless and dangerous strategies do not give a rat’s ass about what happens to you. They only care about the coins you add to their pockets.

Think about it– you can buy Brain Surgery for Dummies, but that does not mean you can crack open a skull with a Black & Decker and go to work.

For all you know, the author of the new identity book might actually be a pastry chef and a master of cannoli, with no real experience on the subject. Always consider the source. What I share is from years of experience in the trenches of– finding people, disappearing people and manipulating digital information.

The bottom line is that using an identity other than your own is a crime. If you plan to use a fake ID for financial reasons, you are becoming an identity thief. However, you already know this.

What you need to know is Big Foot does not exist. If you insist on taking, the Big Foot tour I would suggest going alone and hunting down the beast on your own. I know the million-dollar question is how.

Frank M. Ahearn
Author of: The Little Black Book Of Skip Tracing: Creating Pretext, Mastering Social Engineering And Finding Anyone Anywhere


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