How to Disappear – Digital Deception

CHAPTER NINETEEN – How to Disappear from Big Brother

Mr. Double Identity is a key level executive at a Dubai financial company. One morning the CEO called him into the office and showed him a news article about a fraudster wanted in a Ponzi scheme. The criminal who masterminded the Ponzi scheme took Mr. Double Identity’s name and associated himself with the financial industry. Not long, after law enforcement arrived and questioned Mr. Double Identity but cleared him of any involvement. However, his name was far from in the clear.

A short time passed and more information about the Ponzi scheme spread online. In all the blog writing and second hand reporting, Mr. Double Identity and his company became more associated with the Ponzi scheme. This was a serious problem and clients begin to inquire.

Mr. Double Identity’s company decided to be proactive and hire a reputation management company to solve their issue and save the day. Unfortunately, most of the companies that work in the business of reputation do website suppression, which is useless.

What reputation companies do is build positive information and spread that content. The problem with this is when the suppression ends information shifts in all different directions. It is like trying to control the tide. Moreover, the negative information still exists be it on page three, seven or ten of a search engine. Therefore, people who search your name will find the dirt.

After a few months, Mr. Double Identity’s company came to realize that the website suppression failed. Clients were still inquiring about the Ponzi scheme connection.

Mr. Double Identity’s company contacted me and we set up a meeting to discuss possible solutions. I broke the problem down to a very basic level and explained that the Ponzi scheme criminal had no online associations other than that with Mr. Double Identity and his employer.

This took me to the thought process of why not create an online identity for Mr. Ponzi Scheme the criminal and lead internet searchers to his dirty laundry. The company thought it was an odd solution but agreed to trust me. The plan was to create content that differentiated Mr. Ponzi Scheme from Mr. Double Identity.

To clarify, when people searched Mr. Double Identities name in search engines, information about Mr. Double Identity and Mr. Ponzi Scheme appeared. From a searchers perspective both Mr. Double Identity and Mr. Ponzi Scheme appeared to be the same individual. If someone searched deeper, one would discover that Mr. Double Identity works for a Dubai financial company. In essence, all information ended with Mr. Double Identity and his employer.

What I did was give Mr. Ponzi Scheme his own online identity. I set up a Facebook page that gave him an international background. I showed him as being born in Helsinki, went to school in Italy and college in the UK. I gave a few early jobs at large international corporations. I made his Facebook page deep and set up many bogus friends and family connections. I also set up Facebook pages of fake victims who posted various information, which supported the information I posted.

I created various blogs from victims in various countries. One particular blog identified Mr. Ponzi Scheme’s Modus Operandi, which was that he used the identity of professionals in the financial sector. One blog I created posted an alleged photo of Mr. Ponzi Scheme and I made him a different nationality from Mr. Double Identity.

The ultimate goal was to give Mr. Ponzi Scheme his own a tangible online identity and to separate Mr. Double Identity from the crime. Now when someone searches Mr. Double Identity/Mr. Ponzi Scheme’s name online one would be able to differentiate victim from criminal.

Frank M. Ahearn
Author of: The Little Black Book Of Skip Tracing: Creating Pretext, Mastering Social Engineering And Finding Anyone Anywhere


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